Infant Milk: Almond Milk vs Cow Milk

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Dec. 17, 2001
Thread from Kayte and Ursula
and Ddjami and Ursula
Subject: Re: Infant milk – Almond Milk vs Cow Milk

Kayte: I have always read that giving nuts to infants can create allergies.

From Ursula:

Ursula: Where did you read that? In Germany many babies are getting almond milk because they are allergic to milk from animals. It's written in many books. I cannot imagine that Germany should be the only country who such researches have been done.

An alternative is also milk from sunflower seeds. But that is a question of taste. Almonds taste better.

Of course mother milk is the best, no doubt about that. Scientist found that the "almost" ideal replacement is Almond Milk. In lots of Asian countries they use even Coconut Milk from Young Thai Coconuts. Surprisingly these babies don't seem to be less developed than "normal" babies.

A very important factor in mother milk is the "orot acid" (Vitamin B13, which is close to B12, and Uracil-4-Carbon acid). It is also in raw Cow milk. Today's Cow milk is pasteurized and has not the same value anymore than raw milk. If you can find raw milk, thinnen it a bit with water, then you can replace mother milk with cow milk. Together with the daily ration of raw milk it would be important to add 1 teaspoon wheat germ oil to avoid a later rachitis.

When you compare the nutritions of Almonds with Cow Milk then you will see that Almonds has about four times the same nutritions of Cow Milk, except Vitamin B6. That means 1 cup soaked and peeled Almonds + 4 cups water is about the right mixture. Almond milk lasts the same time like raw cow milk and becomes sour after three days. If you add 2 tablespoon milk from a young coconut you also have the missing B6 and the missing natural "Chloride".

Maybe that helps you a little bit. Maybe somebody else can explain it in more "propper" English or have also additional suggestion.

As I explained before, (see below) be carefully in soaking nuts etc. in water that has Fluoride. So called "filtered" water is seldom Fluoride-free. Maybe you live in an area where that is no problem anyway. Fluoride destroys the colon bacteria.

Ddjami: I have a question regarding infant milk other than mother's breast milk. I have a 6 mos old daughter that is using soy formula. Is soy formula the best substitute for mother's milk or is there any other? I read some articles on the internet regarding soy, especially soy formula for infant that it has a high concentrations of manganese and can cause brain damage. Is it true? Thank you very much for your help!!

Ursula: Hello, The best you can do is make your own Almond Milk. But use Spring/Fountain Water not only filtered water. In some filtered water is still Fluoride and most water filter for the tap don't filter Fluoride. The best water filter as I know so far is from SYMMETRY. It saves a lot of money of course instead of buying all the Spring Water.


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