I’m Searching for a Natural Toothpaste That Will Whiten My Teeth

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Hi Rhio,

I have a question for you. In your book you mention that baking soda, like in toothpaste, is toxic. I’ve tried searching for more info about this on the internet and haven’t found anything. Would you mind clarifying this for me? I’m looking at a natural deodorant that has baking soda in it, as well as some toothpastes. I’m still actively searching for a natural toothpaste that will whiten my teeth. Do you guys mostly use the toothpaste recipe in your book or have you found an over the counter toothpaste? Since I’ve stopped using toothpaste (1 years ago) my teeth have gotten more yellow!

Thanks for your help.


Dear Ana,

The very best whiteners and cleansers for the teeth I discovered after my book came out. I'll put them into a new book at some point. They are:

1) Peelu Dental Fibers
2) Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide 35%

Peelu, unfortunately, is not that easy to find, even in the health food stores. Sometimes in the health food stores you can find other toothpastes that contain some Peelu in them, but the Peelu fibers themselves are more difficult to find. I am trying to get the Peelu product for my website's shopping section. The Peelu fibers are a powder. You put a little of the Peelu powder into the palm of your hand. You wet your toothbrush, then dip it into the fibers – then put 1 drop of Hydrogen Peroxide 35% onto the toothbrush as well. Then brush. That's what I use now and it works extremely well for me. The Peelu Dental Fibers product claims to whiten teeth on its own and then when added with the Hydrogen Peroxide it has even more whitening power. I've heard, but not confirmed, that the tooth whitening gels that are sold on TV have Hydrogen Peroxide in them. In order to use HP in drops, put some into a "plastic" dropper bottle (don't use a dropper bottle that has rubber on the top.)

The Peelu Dental Fibers are a very different experience in brushing your teeth. It took me a while to get used to it, but now I'm completely adapted. One 2.5 oz. container of Peelu will also last a very long time – months in fact, so it is very economical. 35% Hydrogen Peroxide is also very economical. A caution about Hydrogen Peroxide 35%. If you get some on your skin, it will turn the skin white in about 5 minutes and it can also make it sting or tingle. The whiteness and sting go away after a while and are not detrimental. There are many books written about Hydrogen Proxide 35%, which can also be ingested. The rule for ingestion, as I learned it, is 1 drop HP per 1 ounce of water. However a lot of people advise against ingestion.

To find out about baking soda, look in a good dictionary or encyclopedia under sodium bicarbonate. Here is one entry about the process of manufacture:

"Modern method of manufacturing sodium carbonate (soda ash), devised and commercialized in Belgium by Ernest Solvay (1838-1922). Common salt (sodium chloride) is treated with ammonia and then carbon dioxide, under carefully controlled conditions, to form sodium bicarbonate and ammonium chloride. When heated, the bicarbonate yields sodium carbonate, the desired product; the ammonium chloride is treated with lime to produce ammonia (for reuse) and calcium chloride. The process proved of great commercial value, since large quantities of soda ash are used in making glass, detergents, and cleansers. See also caustic soda."

Have you tried using apple cider vinegar as a deodorant? I put it in a spray bottle and just spray. It works really well for women with not a lot of underarm hair. For men it might not work as well because they have more hair, but I haven't been able to find many men willing to test it. With more underarm hair, I surmise, the apple cider vinegar might get stuck in the hair instead of going directly onto the skin. This might cause one to smell like apple cider vinegar, or funky apple cider vinegar. When the apple cider vinegar goes directly onto the skin, it gets absorbed and doesn't cause any smell.

Hope this information serves you well.

With blessings and peace,


In a message dated 3/24/03 7:01:09 PM, Ana writes:

Dear Rhio,

Thank you so much!! As usual, you're an amazing source of information. It looks like you can get Peelu powder over the internet. Just a clarification: what do you mean by a plastic dropper bottle? Is there a problem with the glass ones (with glass droppers with rubber on the top)?

I do use apple cider vinegar from time to time, but find that it doesn't work by the end of the day (especially after dancing!). But it may be the best option.

Do you by any chance have a natural source for lipsticks? I've stopped using mine a while ago and am thinking of making my own with coconut butter and alkenet. Have you solved the lipstick problem by any chance?

Have a good day, Rhio.


Dear Ana,

With apple cider vinegar, if it seems to be failing at some point during the day, you can wash your underarms again and then reapply. Sometimes it might be hard to do while you are out and about, but not impossible. Keep a little spray bottle of apple cider vinegar in your purse. You could use wet papertowels in a public restroom for a sponge bath, then respray with the vinegar.

For a really natural, from the inside out, "deodorant", try eating 1 tbsp. of sprouted fenugreek seeds daily. This will work in conjunction with the raw diet. I learned about it at the various institutes that teach about raw foods.

For H202, it is better to use a completely plastic bottle, rather than the ones with the rubber top. This is what I have been advised. Perhaps the peroxide reacts with the rubber in some way.

I wish I had solved the lipstick problem – sorry, I don't have much information here. Some of the lipsticks available in the health food stores are pretty bad from an aesthetic standpoint – they don't really look good, so that doesn't encourage their use. But recently I've seen that some companies (who sell their products in health stores) are coming out with better ones, but I haven't investigated them as to what they contain.

In Florida recently, I was visiting the Fruit and Spice Park and I saw some annatto trees that produce a fruit that rubs off and colors the skin. The colors were various shades of red and orange. When I saw that, I thought, this could be used for lipstick. It is not toxic to humans, and some cultures use it to color foods. The colors looked really good, so I will be investigating the possibilities of that fruit as a lip coloring for the future. The guide said that the Native Americans used this fruit for coloring their skin during ceremonial events.

What is alkenet? Let me know if you are successful in making a lipstick.

I use lipstick, but I've used the same tube now for almost five years. That means that I don't use it a lot.

On another email, you also asked for my source for Peelu, because the one you bought had sorbic acid. I have been trying to get in touch with the company and have left several messages without them calling me back, but perhaps you'll have better luck. I also noticed in rechecking the label that it said "natural flavor" so am hoping that doesn't include the preservative – it shouldn't. My feeling though is that if a small bottle of this lasts five months, which has been my experience, then even if it has sorbic acid, ingestion would still end up being very, very minute.

Peelu Products, Ltd. – 1 800 457-3358.

With blessings,


July 14, 2003

Hi Rhio,

Since you and I were exchanging email about peelu powders, I just wanted to let you know that I've found a 100% natural tooth powder that whitens teeth. It's from Uncle Harry's at: www.uncleharrys.com I've been using it and it works wonders! I'm much more comfortable with it because it doesn't have the sorbic acid that Peelu has – and it works better.

Just FYI.


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