I’m Feeling The Stirrings…

March 15, 2001

Hi Rhio~

I have been having the "stirrings" for some time now to stop eating meat and and go Raw. Since I am just starting out on this, what are your suggestions for me? I think it will be fairly easy except for Seafood and Dairy. Those will be my trouble spots I think.

Am I supposed to detox/cleanse first? And if so, how do I do that? Appreciate the advice!



Dear C,

Isn't it great those "stirrings" we get from our inner self when it's time to make a move for the better?

For most people (although not everyone) it is best to begin by gradually adding more and more raw into your present diet. You probably shouldn't start with a cleanse because then too much toxicity might come out all at once, and if you don't understand what is happening, then you might become afraid of the process. I would suggest first, just go to as high a percentage of raw in the diet as feels comfortable for you. Once you've been on that for a month or two, then try a cleanse.

If you can afford to go to one of the institutes that teach the raw/live food lifestyle, this would be ideal, because then you would be supported in your cleanse by the staff and also by other people going through the same experience.

Start reading every book you can find on the raw lifestyle. Nature's First Law at www.rawfood.com has an awesome selection.

About dairy and fish:

For dairy, there is an easy solution – learn how to make dairy-like foods from nuts and seeds. Almond Yogurt, Macadamia Yogurt, Pine Nut Yogurt, etc. are DELICIOUS! These foods are very satisfying and you won't want to go back to the polluted cooked milk dairy. (There are numerous chemicals in milk which were not put there by nature, such as dioxin, pesticides, hormones, rBGH, etc.) In my book, Hooked on Raw, I have detailed instructions on how to make these dairy-like foods.

Fish is a little more difficult, but some patés, described both in my book and in some of the other raw food books available now, do give you a sense that you are eating fish. In my book, I have a recipe called Toona (because people started telling me it tasted like tuna) and also Salmon Paté. Also try some of the seaweeds such as Dulse and Nori for "fishy" flavors.

I wish you much success on this new, exciting adventure.


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