I’m Allergic to Nuts

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I read an article about raw food. When I looked at many of the recipes many of them seem to include nuts. Since I am allergic to nuts I wonder what people with allergies to common ingredients do or substitute. For Peanut butter I use Soy butter (in a jar) from the health food store.

Thank you.


Dear Pat,

I am not a practitioner, so please accept the following only as an exchange of ideas and information.

In the beginning, because of your particular allergies, you could focus more on vegetables, fruits and sprouted legumes & grains. You might want to try some juice fasting to facilitate and accelerate the cleansing process of your body. Over time, if you are consistent and persistent, your allergies should diminish to 0. Allergies, after all, are not set in stone. They don't have to be permanent. There is a reason for them and by following Nature's way, you will eventually be rid of them.

Are you allergic to seeds also? Like sunflower or sesame seeds?

If you have only eaten nuts or seeds in the way they are usually sold – dry and roasted with salt, oil and additives, these become very indigestible. The body cannot handle it.

In the raw cuisine, we usually prepare the nuts and seeds first by soaking and sprouting. That makes them more digestible. Also, it is suggested that the greater part of the diet consist of fruits and vegetables and the lesser part of nuts and seeds.

Once upon a time before I became a raw food enthusiast, I was told by a doctor that I had many different allergies. The allergies included many of the foods that I eat now with no problem. When the body gets cleaned up, most, if not all, of the allergies disappear.

I make an exception with wheat. I was allergic to wheat. If I eat sprouted wheat now, I do not get any of my old symptoms, but I would not want to reintroduce it into my diet on a regular basis and build up those toxicities again. I do not recommend wheat for anyone. Many people have sensitivities to wheat and they are not even aware of it. Wheat is a much overused product in our society and it is addictive. All baked goods, pastas, pastries, cakes, pies, and numerous other processed foods contain it. I would suggest that even if you do not think you are allergic to wheat that you eliminate it for a month. Then reintroduce it slowly and see what happens. You should get an answer as to whether wheat is an acceptable food for your body. Pay attention to your body's energy level as you reintroduce it.

Modern wheat has been extensively hybridized. This means that plant breeders have been making many changes and manipulations to the wheat which, in my opinion, have not been beneficial for human health.

I hope you give the raw food diet and lifestyle a try — and much luck.

With blessings and peace,


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