If All Cooked Food is Devoid of Nutrients, How Do We Continue to Live?

In a message dated 1/23/03 9:29:06 AM Eastern Standard Time, Gail writes:

Dear Rhio:

I told my sister the benefit of eating raw and living foods. Her one question has me stumped.

"If all cooked food is devoid of nutrients, how do we continue to live?"

My question is this; How do people who live entirely on junk and cooked food stay alive if what they're eating is basically dead?

Thank you.


Dear Gail,

When we are born, we have an abundance of enzymes. These are called "enzyme reserves." As long as we have enzyme reserves we can digest cooked food, and it will give us at least enough nutrition to stay alive. (Not vibrantly alive, but still alive.) These enzyme reserves will only last a limited amount of time. Once they are depleted, our health starts to break down. It can be compared with a healthy bank account – you're loaded – but you keep taking money out – and you never make any deposits – a time will come when you have nothing left to take out. Then you will be impoverished.

Another aspect is that the human body is VERY ADAPTABLE and it will adapt to any kind of food it is given and try to extract the best it can from that food for as long as possible. But inevitably the day will come when the body becomes too acid and weak to continue.

I hope this explains it to your sister's satisfaction. If she is really interested she should read some books on enzymes.

With blessings and peace,


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