I Want to Freeze Raw Foods After Preparing Them

in a message dated 3/23/05 12:42:35 PM, Nick writes:

Hi Suzanne,

I was wondering if I can freeze raw foods after preparing them. I was wanting to make enough to last for about two or three week at a time.



Dear Nick,

You've reached Rhio of Rhio's Raw Energy. We don't have a Suzanne here but I can answer your question.

One of the purposes of following a raw food diet is to eat the freshest possible food for maximum nutrition. If you could go out into an organic garden and pick it, prepare it and eat it right then, that would be the best. Freezing can be done for some items, like ice creams, sherbets, etc. but I wouldn't advise preparing raw food meals and then freezing them, because it would seem to defeat the purpose of eating fresh food for its health benefits. Freezing is convenient, but it destroys some of the nutritional values. Also, some foods do not thaw out well, they get soft and mushy.

People who really get into the raw food lifestyle make the commitment to prepare their meals fresh every day. Some main course dishes will last approx. 3 days in the refrigerator. So you could end up only having to prepare the main course dishes twice per week, but salads, juices and blender soups are best when freshly prepared.

With blessings,


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