I Need Your Thoughts on Mercury Amalgam Removals

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Hi Rhio –

I need your thoughts on mercury amalgam removals… Some background- I have had nine mercury fillings installed when I was 8 y.o.- I'm now 36, and they are cracking and causing immense pain and who knows what else. I really must do something. I have been vegetarian 17 years/ vegan 7/ raw 5. I've steered clear of mainstream medicine for a decade or more.

I found the one and only holistic dentist in Dallas, TX. Though he does have a mercury free practice, when I went in for my first appointment there were all sorts of chemically oriented tooth whitening ads- but I proceeded with the appointment.

Once in the chair for inital assessment, I found out that I would receive pharmaceutical anesthesia, several x-rays, and I would have to have a $300. blood test ran to see which of a long list of filling materials would be the safest.

This dentist advertises that he has completed studies with the author of "It's All In Your Head: Mercury Amalgams", which I read years ago. I felt this dentist would be my best bet. I am now not sure what to do and I don't know who to ask. If I do nothing will the amalgams possibly fall out and resolve through detox on raw. Or is it better to get rid of this mercury at all cost, being the harmful x-rays, pharmaceuticals and new materials.

What does the natural-minded, raw foodist do in this situation? Please, what would you do? I appreciate any advice you have to offer. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Most Sincerely,


Dear Tina,

I am not a practitioner of any kind so please accept the following only as an exchange of ideas and information. It is not to be considered as medical advice.

You ask what I would do. I had one small mercury filling in my mouth and although it was giving me no trouble, I did want to get it out. On a trip to CA earlier this year, I took my mother to a wholistic dentist in Tijuana, Mexico, to get some work done. While there I decided to get my amalgam removed and replaced with a more biocompatible substance. My personal experience was good with this dentist. He did a great job for me, my mother and my partner Leigh, who also had some amalgams removed. The dentist did want to take X-rays but I opted not to have that done. That was my personal decision. I'm sure for more severe dental cases, there might be some benefit to get X-rays so that the dentist can see what he has to work with. There are some ways to take X-rays using some different film which cuts way down on the radiation exposure. If you opt to see this dentist, ask him about it. My information on this is that they can use 1E speed (extra speed) film instead of D speed film (ultra speed) and instead of round collimation, use rectangular collimation. (Works in all X-ray machines.) This kind of information might be new to many dentists but we got the info from Stewart White, head of X-ray UCLA 310 825-5711. A few years ago, we told our family dentist in NYC about this, and he researched it and he started using it. Now, there might be even better advancements.

The dentist also used a form of anesthesia which is quickly removed from the body in a few hours and is much less toxic than the conventional. I've forgotten the name of this, but if you opt to call or email him, he will tell you.

The dentist's name is Erich Wolley and you can find him in my Raw Lifestyle Centers, Teachers and Practitioners Directory on my website: www.rawfoodinfo.com (Look in Mexico)

There is also a wholistic hospital called Sanoviv in Tijuana where they remove mercury amalgam. I have no personal experience with them, but I have heard some good things.

Both Sanoviv and Dr. Wolley recommend the raw food diet and lifestyle. The hospital serves raw food and Dr. Wolley was recently introduced to it and is learning to follow it himself.

Of course, I know this involves a trip for you, but I found out about Dr. Wolley from a group of raw food enthusiasts in Florida who were all going down to see Dr. Wolley. So when I was visiting Southern CA earlier this year, I decided that he would be a good option for my mother's situation. By the way, the work he did for my mother, cost very little in comparison to what it would have cost in the states.

You ask whether the fillings will resolve on their own by being pushed out. I'm not sure about this. I think that in the case of Sergei Boutenko who was a teenager at the time he converted to raw food, his fillings did fall out and the tooth cavities naturally filled in, BUT, whether that could happen to someone who is older, I do not know the answer. (Sergei Boutenko is the son of Victoria Boutenko who wrote the book The Raw Family).

I wish you good luck and if you do see Dr. Wolley or go to Sanoviv, please let me know about your experience so that I can then pass the info on to others.

With blessings and peace,


Hi Rhio,

Thank you so much for your fast and detailed response regarding mercury amalgams and dental procedures in general. You are so kind and considerate and your opinions are of great value to me.



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