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The kind of consultation that I am looking for is to fight The Battle of the Bulge as since I have started the raw food program and do eat some cooked vegetables, I have put on weight. The Adkins Diet did work but the long range consequences are so bad. In desperation, I can always start another program at HIPPOCRATES as I live nearby. But your apparent success at losing 88 pounds by raw-juice fasting and exercise sounded pretty good to me so I know that you know something that the rest of the world does not know. If you could outline your program to me, I would follow it as I am about 15 pounds over weight and not happy with this condition.

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Dear D,

Oh, I'm so glad you got off the Atkins Diet!! Hurrah!! Back to Nature's Diet – Lifegiving!

You don't need a consultation. I'll tell you what I know right here.

When I was losing weight it happened like this: My boyfriend, Leigh, (as a surprise) got me a booking at a club where I used to work as a singer when I was THIN. This booking was approximately six weeks away. It was a POWERFUL incentive for me to lose weight. I didn't want to show up there and they wouldn't recognize me. . . .

I went to a health spa in upstate New York and did juice fasting. Three glasses of juice per day. Each glass was approx. 10 to 12 oz as I recall. In the evening, they also gave you potassium broth. This was the water in which all kinds of vegetables had been cooked, but they only gave you the broth. They encouraged you to put lots of raw garlic and minced parsley into it. Today, being all raw, I would probably not use the broth, but since you're still on some cooked, you could use the broth. Or you could use my "Wholesome Toddy" – page 253.

By the time the booking began, I had lost half of the weight but still had a long way to go, but I felt a lot better about myself. So what I did then is I would work 3 nights per week and then I went to the spa for 4 days and I did that until I had lost almost all the weight.

At the spa, they also had exercise programs all day long. They had walks through the woods twice a day and classes in water aerobics and other types of exercise classes and a gym.

Now since you only have 15 lbs. to lose I believe it will be a lot easier for you. You could even do more juice than just three glasses a day. But exercise is very important. I believe that makes all the difference. It could be just walking briskly or you can go into any kind of exercise that you like.

So to sum up.

1) A powerful incentive

2) Fresh enzyme rich juice plus potassium broth (or Wholesome Toddy)

3) Exercise, exercise and more . . . exercise

Sometimes it is easier to go to a spa where everybody is doing the program – you're doing it – they're doing it – it helps you stay on track.

I hope I have been able to help you a little.


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