I Have A Lot of Fear of Giving Up My “Comfort Foods”

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I am a 45 year old female who after spending months with agonizing abdominal pain, (what the doctors are calling possible gallbladder infliction) weight gain of 10+ years, hbp etc etc and with the fact that a good friend who is only 41 and someone I considered a person who took care of herself who after being diagnosed with cancer only 2 weeks ago who now can no longer walk, I consider myself being given a wake up call and a patient at the hospital where I work as a patient registrar told me of a book called master cleanser, I went to my local library where I like to think now, as hopefully lifesaving intervention, found your book hooked on raw. As a person who has since the age of 16 worked in the health care area and used to presume to be (a learned person) as far as taking care of myself found to be in total shock and horror as to what the government is allowing to be put in foods, preservatives etc. I am so "high" on the thought of what the possiblity of going, if not totally raw at first, at least to incorporate healthy and natural veggies/nuts/etc into my lifestyle. Even though I have a lot of fear mostly of giving up my "comfort foods" esp that bowl of pasta with salt and butter in the wee hours of the morning…..but I was also so inspired of seeing the people on your website who have converted and how totally happy and healthy they are.. I have made up my mind to be one of those people who would be honored to say this change has saved my life. I'm starting right now with the before pix and will consider it an honor to keep you updated. You have opened my eyes and lifted my soul I remain… indebted to you always

Good thoughts to you and yours,


Dear M,

I am very sorry to hear about your illness and that of your good friend.

It pleases me very much that the raw lifestyle message, through my book, resonated with your inner being such that you are willing to take the responsibility for your own wellness. This, after all, is the very reason that I wrote the book – to inspire people to reach out for their birthright of vibrant health.

I send you support through my good thoughts for your complete recovery and would be most happy to post your before and after pictures and story when the time comes. Thanks so much for wanting to be a part of my endeavor to enlighten people as to the possibilities.

Take your transition a day at a time and as your body, mind and spirit become strengthened, you will lose the fear of giving up your old comfort foods, in favor of the beautiful, life giving foods you will learn to enjoy just as much!

I have a thought for your friend who now cannot walk. I do not think that any condition could deteriorate that much in the space of just two weeks after a diagnosis. I think what has happened to her is she bought into the diagnosis hook, line and sinker – she internalized it, and as such she made the doctor's diagnosis into her truth. But the doctor is just a human being, not God or a superbeing. Tell your friend that if she wants to talk to a bone cancer survivor that was given only six months to live, I can put her in touch. She needs to hear that cancer is not a death knell and from someone who has been cancer free for 13 years after that most serious diagnosis. Someone who walked away from the allopathic doctor's surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and drugs and back into the bosom of Nature's healing ways.

With blessings and peace,


ps: I am not a practitioner of any kind so please accept the following only as an exchange of ideas and information.

There are what are called "gallbladder cleanses" that can be done to clean out the gall stones which may (or may not) be the source of your stomach pain. You can find a link to the various recipes for this gallbladder cleanse on my website in the articles section, subsection "Healing Modalities."

As a testimonial, a friend of mine, Yasmin, recently did one of the recipes (the one which included the enema) and her pain completely went away. Her pain actually lessened as soon as she started on the fresh apple and orange juices. The doctors had wanted to remove her gall bladder.


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