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Hi Rhio:

I am having elevated systolic pressure (145-155) but my diastolic pressure is always in the 70's and 80's. What would you advice. I notice i had been consuming soy milk heavily for the last 1 year. I exercise at least 4 times a week and very fit. I am really surprised how I got the systolic pressure. My father is 67 and very healthy. I am only 35. Please point out some good books/websites. I need to get rid of this ASAP. I weigh 225 pounds and I am 6ft and 3 inches tall. Will it help to get a copy of Dr. Johann Georg Schnitzer's book? Please advise.



Dear G,

I am not a practitioner of any kind so cannot advise you about your blood pressure. Please view the below only as an exchange of ideas and information.

What I would do for myself in your circumstances is to take a liquid mineral supplement and go on a fresh, organic, juice fast for at least a week – two if you can. Then check the pressure again. A water fast would be better but might be too difficult if you haven't done it before or without supervision. Might have to build towards that. Fasting, according to Loren Lockman who runs Tanglewood Wellness Center, will bring the blood pressure to normal. For information on his center, go to my website's Directories section. You'll find him in the Raw Lifestyle Centers – I believe he is in Maryland. [now in Panama – 2006]

Dr. Schnitzer's book is excellent and he has had 40 years of experience in treating people in Germany with all kinds of disorders, including high blood pressure.

I don't recommend soy milk – first, of course, because it is not raw. Second, it is high in protein which Dr. Schnitzer says is a part of the problem. According to Schnitzer, protein oversupply is the main cause of hypertension. Listen to my protein series on my website, (Listen to Rhio Link) especially the two shows that deal with protein and high blood pressure.

From my own experience: I have an Aunt who, after she ended up in a Puerto Rican hospital with serious heart problems, decided to go with me to the Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute (also in Puerto Rico). When she left the hospital her blood pressure, as well as her cholesterol, were way up. After only a week at the Institute, her high blood pressure reading fell into the normal range, and her cholesterol lowered more than it had with years of drug medications.

With prayers and blessings for your renewed health,


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