Hypo-Thyroid Medication Reduced by 50%

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Dear Rhio, About 2 months ago when you were in Dean's Whole food Store in Ocean, NJ I spoke to you after your show. But during your talk you challenged us to try eating just raw food for 3 months. Well 2 months later mu throid problem is almost gone. For the 3rd consecutive time, my doctor read my blood test results and has again reduced my medication for Hypo-Thyroidism. It is now half of what I was taking for years. He says this is the first time he had seen this in adult thyroids. It had cleared up in children but not adults. He knows the way I'm eating now but is not giving credit to it. Oh well, it's the only thing I've done different besides lose 50 pounds. He's kind of attributing this to the results of the blood test. But I know it's because of eating whole fruits and vegetables. I just wanted to let you know how much of an encouragement you were to me. Thank you. I wish we didn't have to travel 40 minutes to get organic foods but until they get something closer to us, we will continue to go to Dean's.


Ann Thompson

Dear Ann:

Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this information with me. Could you also keep me posted on future progress.

Also, would it be possible to share your letter with others? I have some friends that also have this same problem — plus on my website, I am creating a section where I would like to share letters from readers — especially earth shaking letters — like the information that is in yours.

Thank you for telling me that I challenged you to try the raw foods for 3 months. I usually say 3-6 months – because now I will make sure to always do that. Nature is so wonderful. I am in awe! And of course, YOU had something to do with it too – for giving her a chance to heal you.

Many blessings to you,


June 29, 2001


Yes, you have my permission to use my letter to you. I'm sure you have encouraged countless others with your enthusiasm for eating raw foods. Another suggestion I have. Your recipes are delicious in your cookbook but timewise might scare some people who would try to make the hard ones first. Encourage them to make your healthy Swiss chard, Collard greens and Kale Salad, that's easy and fast, and some of your easier recipes first, if they're pressed for time. People have such busy lives nowadays. A HUGE salad with sea vegetables, lots of greens, grated and chopped vegetables is what I mainly have daily for dinner. It's very colorful and delicious. I sprinkle on some nutritional yeast and some raw apple cider vinegar. I have a tablespoon of Udo's oil, either plain or on my salad. After I eat that I might have some cooked grains. I also have some raw fruits and sometimes dried fruit later on in the evening. We really don't need a lot of food. Oh, I do take Barleygreen drinks 3 times a day and Fiberblend once a day. I also have carrot juice once or twice a day. I'm still doing the Halelujah Diet.

God bless you and in what you are trying to accomplish.


Ann Thompson

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