Hummingbird Wisdom

Hummingbird Wisdom
By Lorenna Bousquet

The hummingbird darts from flower to flower, gathering the sweet nectars of life with every flutter. We delight at the freedom and beauty of this little creature, never questioning its right to live in such pleasure.

Why is it that this little two-ounce bundle of feathers evokes such joy in the hearts of so many? Having Hummingbirds around us all the time where we live, for part of the year, in Costa Rica, has allowed me the opportunity to witness their lives and drink in their essence.

Hummingbird teachings exemplify following your bliss, and by doing so you are nourished both physically and spiritually. Our culture, unfortunately, does not encourage this. Deeply rooted in the unconscious of most is the belief that too much pleasure is bad. We see this in our work ethics, our comfort with our own bodies and sensuality, and certainly, in an educational system that encourages conformity, not listening to the inner guidance of ones heart.

Brian Swimme, cosmologist and scientist, writes in his book The Universe is a Green Dragon, that "By pursuing your allurements (bliss), you help bind the universe together. The unity of the world rests on the pursuit of passion." He goes on to explain that this power of being drawn, through attraction, to what you desire is a "primal dynamism" of the universe. Without this the galaxies would break apart. individual stars would disperse, atoms would no longer attract each other, the sun, earth and moon would drift into intergalactic space. Call it gravity if you like, the principle is the same. The universe exists on the basis of attraction. Another word for this is Love. This is the word that points to the alluring activity of the cosmos.

Us humans are as much a part of this galactic dance as the stars; governed by the same laws that govern all of creation. I believe that the hummingbird reminds us of this. That following your bliss is a universal imperative, and it is through this, that you indeed fulfill your part in the design of things.

Some say, "Well, if everyone followed their passion it would be chaos." Only if the passions are motivated by greed, and greed is simply the result of feeling undernourished by life. The wonderment of the Hummingbird is that it never takes more nectar than the flower can afford to give. And, at the same time it helps the flower to complete its purpose through pollination and such. Everything in nature teaches us this, from the tiniest hummingbird to the rain forests of the world.

In the circles I facilitate, the most common confusion for people is that they no longer know what their 'bliss' is. So many of us mindlessly followed the belief systems of a culture that negates unique creative expression. "No pain, no gain. Work before pleasure. Life is a struggle," are all familiar expressions. We were indoctrinated to listen to the voices of authority outside of ourselves, instead of the voice in our hearts that know.

How do you get back in touch with what fulfills you? My suggestion is, begin with your allurements and your own web of relationships. Your allurements draw you into the activity of evoking the life you desire.

Find a place to sit where you feel safe, preferably in nature. Have something to write on. Take a few deep breaths. Feel your body relax and sink into the arms of Mother Earth. Witness the beauty and activities of nature.

Now, ask yourself the question: What do I love to do? You may love to dance, sing, read, sew, paint, cook, be with children, care for animals, etc. Write them down. When you're done, contemplate what you've written for a few moments.

From your list choose the three that you love to do the most. It doesn't matter if they're practical or would make sense to anyone else.

Now, ask yourself: Am I fulfilling this allurement by actively bringing this into my life? If yes – is it enough? – if no, why not?

Looking at your life in this way can help you make new choices and find the ways to fulfill them. Following your bliss does not mean that life is without its challenges, but it does make meeting those challenges with greater ease. Once you know what you love, make a vow to yourself to just Do It! Do it for the sheer pleasure of doing it. You may be surprised, as I have been over and over again, how this can change your life and even your vocation. But that's not the point. You do it because you love it and the more you do what you love the easier it is to enjoy all aspects of your life. You feel happier, more satisfied, your health will certainly improve, relationships get better, you feel creative and alive with possibility. By embracing the teachings of the Hummingbird you are not only fulfilling and nourishing yourself. People and creatures all around you will emerge into an enhanced vitality and renewed taste for life's adventures because of your fearless embrace of life. You have one purpose to fulfill and this is it. In the pursuit of our allurements, all life is enriched.

Lorenna Bousquet a wholistic therapist of 25 years is a lifestyle coach,
specializing in movement, breath & sound therapy, earth rituals and
emotional bodywork. She can be reached at (519) 652-9109
Email: centre!
London, Ontario, Canada

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