How Old Are You?

in a message dated 3/12/02 10:14:23 PM, jerome writes:

hi rhio

i was wondering how old you were? if u don't mind me asking……..




I don't mind you asking, but . . . that doesn't mean you'll get a straight answer. (Smile)

You see Jerome, there's a lot of prejudice in this world and age prejudice is one of the most insidious, in my humble opinion. (I'm not saying you're prejudiced, please understand.)

I never worry about how old someone is in chronological years, only how youthful, alive and interesting they are, period. The body could be very young, but the soul is usually very old. The soul could be thousands of earth years, but still childlike, trusting and open to new experience.

When you picture a person of 30 or 60 or 75 – you get different impressions, all of which may not align with the actual person. Appearances can be deceiving.

I don't tell my age (people tell me that means I'm old). I did start with this point of view when I was extremely young.

I was 19 when a salesgirl in a department store raved about how young I looked if only it wasn't for the two necklace-like lines in my neck. Boy, that made me feel bad for awhile.

Then at another time I had gained 88 extra pounds and some people thought I was my boyfriend's mother. (I've since lost that weight!!)

So you see I've been through a lot with this topic. But I've come to the conclusion that age really doesn't matter (at least to me). Right now, I look young, I feel young, I'm fit, happy and grateful for my life. So, my age, I usually say, is "adult ageless".

We are in the era of information where, it seems, nothing can be hidden. . . but you won't hear it from me.

With blessings, peace . . . and humor,


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