Heavy Metal Toxicity Causing Scalp Odor

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I have been searching high and low for cure for scalp odor. Was dx with heavy metal toxicity in Nov, don't want to do IV chelation therapy. Consequent of heavy metals lots of candida which may be causing the odor.
Do you think live foods will help eliminate the odor.
I've reached the end of my tether having seen about 23 doctors some holistic.
Thanks for any info you'd be willing to pass on

Love your site by the way.

Thank you and best,


Dear Tobin,

Please do not consider the following as medical advice of any kind, and of course, check with your health care professional. I am only sharing ideas and information from the wholistic perspective, in response to your questions.

I do believe that the raw food diet would go a long way towards alleviating your scalp odor, because eating Nature's foods as they come – that is, raw – are the best detoxifiers that we have. Some raw foods are better than others in this regard. The best ones to use for detoxifying the body are fresh raw juices – in your case because of the Candida, it would be better to stick with mostly vegetable juices rather than fruit juices. Or you could use vegetable juice and add the juice of 1 apple in for better flavor. Depending on your condition, you could still have a minimum amount of fruit, but some teachers suggest no fruit until the Candida is under control. Also good for detoxification are Ann Wigmore's Energy Soups as outlined in my book, Hooked on Raw. This is basically a blended soup, made with either filtered water or rejuvelac and adding in greens, (like chard, kale or collards or baby greens like buckwheat lettuce, sunflower sprouts) sprouted lentils, and sprouted peas, a chunk or two of a root vegetable, such as sweet potato and then for better flavor, add in papaya, or apple and avocado. Blend all together. That is Energy Soup as used at the Ann Wigmore Institute, for detoxification.

For heavy metal toxicity there is nothing better than going through L. Ron Hubbard's detoxification program. You can read more about it on my website – look in the Articles section, Subsection: Air – then look for the article that talks about detoxification for 9/11 first responders. All or most of the Scientology centers run detoxification programs. L. Ron Hubbard developed this program which is based on use of the sauna and certain supplements, to detoxify people from chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides, radiation, drugs, etc. My partner and I went through this program after 9/11 because we live in the area of the world trade center and were affected by the massive pollution that was unleashed there.

You don't have to be a Scientologist to go through the detox program.

Clay baths help to detoxify the body and also edible clay for drinking helps.

On a raw food diet, over time, the body becomes cleaner and cleaner. Colonics and/or enemas might be done occasionally to help the process along.

There are some reported heavy metal chelators in the food realm such as cilantro and some seaweeds, and there are also some in the herbal realm. Do some research on that. A good cilantro drink would be to run the following through a juicer: apple, cilantro, lemon.

Wishing you a full and speedy recovery from your health challenges.

With blessings and peace,


Dearest Rhio,

The information you provided below has been more helpful to me than all of the doctors I've seen combined. Thank you so much for sharing this very valulable information. I will start juicing again, already started colonics.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything!

Peace and blessings


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