He is an Evil Man

In a message dated 1/21/02 5:30:25 PM, Scotty writes:

You have got to be kidding. Martin Luther King (his real name was Michael King) was a communist, womanizing, plagiarist. He stole other people's works for his doctorate thesis as well as many of his famous speeches. You need to look into this man before you praise him, he was an evil man. Please take me off your mailing list.


Scotty Johnson

Dear Scotty,

I've removed you from the Raw Energy Hotline elist as per your request.

I don't sit in judgement of any man's personal life.

What I do acknowledge is Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s very real contribution to moving the civil rights movement forward in this country for the Black population, and for everyone else as well. That fact is undeniable. I, for one, am grateful for his words of inspiration and his call for a peaceful resistance against the oppressive societal policies of his (and our) time.

If you have any proof of plagiarism, any references, any books, or other, I would be interested in seeing it.

Thank you.


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