Have You Ever Heard of Raw Food Helping in Long Standing Tinnitus?

In a message dated 1/22/07 8:08:37 AM, Petra writes:

Have you ever heard of raw food helping in long standing tinnitus?


Dear Petra,

I am not a practitioner of any kind so please accept the following only as an exchange of information and ideas and NOT as medical advice.

The raw food diet may or may not help. I think it depends on the person and of course of the severity of the tinnitus. It can't hurt to try though.

Being a singer and having sung in many places with ear piercing acoustics, I developed tinnitus myself. I still have a touch of it, but not enough to bother me. What helped me and might help you is to get some ear coning or candling done. When I did that, a lot of wax came out of my ears and the tinnitis eased. For myself, I do ear candling regularly probably once or twice a year or so. If you don't know what ear coning or candling is, perhaps a google search will bring you some information. If you have it done, I would suggest that you have the practitioner use only beeswax candles, not the paraffin ones.

Wishing you the best of health and an easing of your tinnitus.

With blessings,


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