H.R. 4816 The Genetically Engineered Organism Liability Act of 2002

The negative consequences of genetically engineered crops may impact farmers who grow these crops, neighboring farmers who do not grow these crops, as well as consumers. Biotech companies are selling a technology that is being commercialized far in advance of the new and unknown science of genetic engineering. Farmers may suffer from crop failures, neighboring farmers may suffer from cross pollination, increased insect resistance, and unwanted volunteer genetically engineered plants, and consumers may suffer from health and environmental impacts. Therefore, biotech companies should be found liable for the failures of genetically engineered crops.

This bill ensures that the creator of the technology assumes the liability resulting from the technology.


  1. The bill places all liability from negative impacts of genetically engineered organisms squarely upon the biotechnology companies that created the genetically engineered organism.
  2. Farmers are granted indemnification to protect them from the liabilities of biotech companies.
  3. The bill prohibits any transfer of liability away from the biotechnology companies that created the genetically engineered organisms.

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