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Alliance for Bio-Integrity:
Information on Dr. Pusztai's research study on rats fed GE potatoes (he was dismissed from his position at Rowett Research Institute in Scotland as a result) and other scientific studies:Árpád_Pusztai
The Council for Responsible Genetics:
Crop Choice, an alternative news source for American Farmers:
Etc. Group:
Genetically engineering plants to derive drugs or industrial chemicals will contaminate food crops if allowed to be grown in the open:
The Genetics & Ethics Home Page:
Greenpeace – Lots of information on what different countries' policies are concerning GE foods, which countries require labeling, and have moratoriums. Also reports of anti-GE activism around the world:
The Indigenous People's Council on Biocolonialism:
The Institute for Responsible Technology:
Mothers for Natural Law:
New Scientist – This site, while purporting to be unbiased, presents biotechnology and genetic modification of plants through the eyes of the biotechnology indusstry. A good site to go to when you want to find out what the opposition things:
Northwest Resistance Against Genetic Engineering:
Organic Consumers Association & Biodemocracy (an excellent organization working on genetic engineering of foods and other crucial issues):
Organizations concerned about or opposed to Genetically Altered Foods:
Resistance is Fertile:
Round-up Ready Nation:
Say No to GMOs:
SOS Food-NYC action group:
The Sunshine Project:
Texans concerned about the proliferation of GMOs:

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