Freedom, Justice, Democracy & Globalization

Help me keep this Directory current, please let me know if a link no longer works.                                               – Thanks, Rhio

Black Box Voting – Uncovering fraud in US voting:
Center for Economic & Social Justice:
Center for Public Integrity:
Slavery in the Chocolate Industry:  
Department of Peace Campaign:
Earth Rainbow Network:
Government Accountability Project:
Hands Off Venezuela:
Human Rights Watch:
Human Rights Watch International Film Festival:
The Innocence Project:
Institute For Health Freedom:
International Advocates for Health Freedom:
International Forum on Globalization:
Justice for New Orleans:
Justice Policy Institute:
Media for Democracy:
The Memory Hole, a site dedicated to retrieving information banished from public view:
New York Civil Liberties Union:
Ralph Nader founded this organization which has been advocating for and protecting health, safety and democracy for over 30 years:
Restore Habeas Corpus:
Sojourners – Christians for Justice & Peace:
State by State Death Penalty Info:
Survival – The Movement for Tribal Peoples:
The Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression:
Traveling Soldier:
Wellstone Action:
William Moses Kunstler Fund for Racial Justice:
World Can't Wait:
Youth for Human Rights:

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