Feeling Good

You are such powerful beings. As we behold you individually, one by one, we say you have as much power as the president of this nation for the controlling of your life experience. In fact, there's not one of you in this room who doesn't have more power than he does right now. The bombardment of ideas, the bombardment of perspectives, the bombardment of information, true and false, that he's receiving – he cannot possibly allign with Source under these conditions. You can. So then you say, 'Hm, that's worrying. He's making decisions and he's not alligned with Source?' And we say, his worldwide influence is miniscule in comparison with the billions of people who are individually requesting, from their personal perspective, what they desire. Your government is not the vortex through which your well-being flows. The vortex through which your well-being flows is within you, it is vibrationally felt by you, it is – if you are wanting to put your finger on it, it is right in your solar plexus where your emotional center is. And so reclaim it. Make the statement and mean it: Nothing is more important than that I feel good. Thought by thought, moment by moment, I'm going to open my valve and let the good times roll.

3/8/03 – San Francisco


There is just one thing that you have to remember: "It is good to feel good. It is good to feel good."


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