Environmental Toxins – Cancer Survivor

Ground Score
Summer Issue, 2001


by Jay PatilTAay

When Ann Marie Donaca arrived in Rochester, NY on March 24th of this year to address an audience on toxins in the home environment and cancer prevention, she looked the picture of health. No one could have imagined that only a little more than a year ago her body was filled with over 30 tumors. Some the size of baseballs.

Ann Marie was given the SERTOMA "Service to Mankind" Award, was chosen Washington County's "Woman of the Year," and received several letters from the White House and the Queen of England.

Donaca has devoted her entire life to helping people. For more than 30 years, she did community service work with elderly and handicapped, started the first Chicano Senior Center in Oregon, was President of the Mothers Against Drunk Driving in Washington County, Sierra Club Regional Newsletter Editor, and Cub Scout Activities Coordinator to name a few.

Her latest mission, however, may be life saving to those who hear this message.

The presentation in Rochester was merely one stop in her world lecture tour. During the last year and a half she has been speaking out on the subject of toxins all over Canada and US. Audiences generally leave in a state of stunned disbelief. What makes her so provocative? The information she presents has been hidden from the general public for years.

Donaca is on a mission to inform the world about toxins that are legally put in products we unsuspectingly use daily, that are legally put in our mouths by dentists, that are legally put in vaccines forced upon our children and that are legally allowed to make us ill and kill us. She comes bearing documentation of how and why the government has allowed this. These toxins have ravagd the bodies of adults and children. Donaca exposes the links of these toxins to everything from Autism to MS to Cancer.

Donaca learned that her own cancer was a direct result of DDT and Diazanon poisoning. In March of 1997 she was diagnosed with a very rare aggressive cancer, mantle-cell lymphoma. Typically, by the time symptoms appear, a person is already in the final stages of the disease. She was given 6-12 months to live.

Donaca refused to consider traditional therapies of radiation, chemotherapy or drugs of any kind. "I didn't do drugs in the sixties and I'm NOT doing them now!" she told doctors. Her doctors admitted they couldn't save her life with any therapy they proposed. They could not even identify the cause of her cancer and according to them there was no known cure, so she was told to get her affairs in order.

She was not willing to accept that the doctors held the only options she had, "I didn't like my choices" says Donaca. She researched everything she could about her disease and examined every possible treatment available. She researched and tried several experimental therapies with little or no success. But her vigilance paid off. She was able to save her life through her own extensive research and with the help of Dr. Myron Wentz, Ph.D. who pioneered cell-culture technology and produced pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements that work at the cellular level. Through the use of this nutrition, "I was creating healthy new cells faster than the cancer could kill me." Says Donaca.

Ann Marie was introduced to Sanoviv Health Retreat in Baha Mexico which was also conceived and developed by Dr. Wentz. Sanoviv is a facility that utilizes natural means to identify and gently remove toxins from the body. Doctors at Sanoviv identified the cause of her cancer. Chelation, herbal wraps, and colonics were among the many therapies used to remove the DDT and Diazanon from Donaca's body. Her website, (website no longer exists) shows the dramatic 21% decrease in the size of just one tumor after only 17 days of treatment. Removal of the toxins from her body reversed the cancer and her tumors died from the inside out.

Knowledge is Power! She now teaches others how to protect themselves from the toxins in their home environment and how to become empowered to save their own lives, especially if exposure has already caused serious illness. Most important of all she gives hope to eveyone who has been told "There is no hope." She has produced an uplifting video called "The World of Hope," giving words of encouragement to thousands who have degenerative disease. Her most recent video production, "The Right to Know" is a powerful presentation on the toxins in the home and school environment that cause cancer.

Ann Marie states, "The world is long on criticism, and short on positive role models; I was always taught that you are either part of the problem, or part of the solution. I want to spend my life touching people's lives in a positive way. I want to help make the world a better place. I want to be part of the solution."

Sanoviv Health Retreat Website: www.sanoviv.com

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