Your emotions are your indicators of your summoning and allowing. Strong emotion on either end means you are summing a lot of energy. Mild emotion in the middle means you are summoning less energy. The elation/contentment side means you are allowing the flow. The frustration/anger side means you are not allowing it to flow. Strong summoning of emotion on the frustration/anger side means you are creating a lot of what you don't want. Strong emotion on the elation side means you are actively creating what you do want.


In the scope of human emotions and vibrational tendencies, frustration is not all that bad a place to be, is it? And you're not in bankruptcy, you're not being threatened, you're not about to close. In other words, it's all a sort of vibrational match.

So do you believe us when we say that, if you could find relief of this frustration and in your moving yourself up the vibrational scale, your business would begin to prosper in new and profound ways?

Do you believe that there is any relationship between the way you feel and what's happening? Or do you think, like most people think, that you are having an emotional response to the reality of something? This is a huge question.

Because almost everyone would say, "He's got a business that is doing such and such, and therefore, he is having this emotional response to the business. And what Abraham is saying is that all that may be true, but the emotional response you are having is holding you in the holding pattern, and your business cannot grow beyond your emotional response.

Your relationships cannot grow beyond your emotional response. Your finances cannot grow beyond your emotional response. Nothing can grow beyond your emotional response.

Everything matches your set point of emotions on every subject that exists. That was sooooo good. Please write that down!

So what you do is instead of saying, "My business is such and such and I'm having an emotional response to it," as a result of what you have heard here today, you say, "I'm going to control my emotional response because I'm going to control the direction of my thought. I'm going to conjure thoughts that evoke emotions and my business will follow. In other words, say, "I'm going to choose!"

But you don't say, "I'm going to jump all the way from frustration into absolute expectation of a powerful business." You say, "I'm going to walk my way step by step into the feeling place that allows that profound abundance."

You want to get to a place where you feel free and easy. Remember, this is important to remember: We are not counseling him from a nonprofit business to a high profit business. We are counseling him from concern to feeling free. We're counseling him about emotion because we know the dollars will follow. Is everyone clear about that?

If we can guide you from the frustration, everything else you want will fall right into alignment.

Tampa, 12/6/03 B


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