Dustin Hoffman

Actor Hoffman Speaks Out Against US Policy on Iraq

BERLIN, Feb 11 (AFP) – US actor Dustin Hoffman has spoken out against Washington's policy on Iraq and warned that a conflict there could turn into another Vietnam.

Speaking to more than 500 guests at a UNICEF gala "Cinema for Peace" late Monday, the dimunitive actor said he was not anti-American but that he was against the policies of the current US government.

An emotional Hoffman said the buildup to the conflict with Iraq reminded him of the 1960s and of the Vietnam war, which he said "began with a lie," an apparent reference to claims the conflict with Iraq is about oil not arms.

The actor warned that those times could come again, ending his address by reading a piece by American poet Carl Sandburg.

"He said exactly what we were all thinking," said German actress Hannelore Elsner, while German action film star Ralf Moeller said Hoffman's speech had brought tears to his eyes.

Other international stars present included former James Bond actor Roger Moore, Faye Dunaway and Christopher Lee.


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