Q: There's a massive amount of debt in our system, all the way from the government down to the individuals, and vibrationally, what does this debt do to us? Will there be a day of reckoning or will we just work out of it? Or will the dollar implode or will gold come back, or what does all this debt do to us vibrationally, or is it something not to even think about?

Abe: Well, because there are so many of you that are responding to it in different ways, there is a stability in your global economy. And, of course, we would always encourage you not to worry about it, but if you are worried about it then we would encourage you to find thoughts that are less worrisome in nature. And we'll talk about that specifically if it is something that is personal to you.

To answer your question in general – oh, we like this answer so much we can hardly wait for Esther to spill it to you (laughter from audience) – there can, universally speaking and even physically speaking, and certainly vibrationally speaking, never be anything such as debt, because when you ask it is always given. And the resources of the Universe are infinite. So, when you ask it is given.

Now, what is your economy anyway? Your economy is just the exchange of human energy, it's the exchange of something. Your world today is benefiting in a massive way by the explosion of the information age, and it [wasn't] so many years ago that manufacturers and calculators of monetary things would have scoffed at the idea of so much economy just coming out of the air.

In other words, if you can't hammer it or build it, or dig it out of the ground, or saw or do something physical and tangible with it, then can it be of any value? And yet look at the enormous resources that are flowing during this exchange of thought or mind, you see.

You have to take a long view [of] your planet in order to discover that the resources that you have just begun tapping are infinite, and therefore there will never – there is not anywhere – shortage other than in the individual mind who focusses upon lack and disallows their own [abundance].

The economy today is not being affected by shortage of supplies – the economy today is being thwarted by resistance of masses who are feeling fear over… terrorism, for example. In other words, your economy is taking a more drastic hit from people who are feeling paralyzed over things that they do not see themselves not having any power over… than it has ever been about anything else, you see. Your economy and your emotional state of being are directly tied, in the same way that your allowing of any well-being is tied to your allowance or resistance of the energy stream.

So we think that you gave us the best answer within your question when you said should we not think about it, should we not worry about it – and we say, we would not give any attention to what anybody else is doing about anything. Those people who claim to be running your economy don't have a clue about the vitality of the energy of this planet. And the manipulation that they do is paltry in comparison with the mass-consciousness desires that are out there pulsing and that are universally summoning.

They're doing what everybody else does – they're just finding a way to get their piece of it. But it has nothing to do with any of the rest of you.

– Abe – West Los Angeles, CA, 1/31/04A


Guest: But sometimes when I'm just so deeply entrenched in having no money. Like I literally had to drink a glass of water the other night so I could go to bed 'cuz I was hungry. 'Cuz I couldn't afford any food, you know. And when you're in that point, like I wanna believe the money's coming in but it's just hard. What like, like anecdotes to these, this thinking.

Abe: What you do is, at the time you are least aware of your lack of money, you relax about other things in an attempt TO BE TRUSTING THAT IT IS COMING. YOU LOOK FOR EVIDENCE OF IT COMING IN THE WAYS THAT IT DOES COME rather than counting the evidence of the way it's not coming, and the way it's not coming.

In other words, YOU JUST KEEP REACHING FOR THE BETTER THOUGHT and reaching for the better thoughts, and reaching for the better thought. And little by little, by little you begin to acknowledge, "Well, if I can do that, then I can do that. Well, if I can do that, then I can do that." It does not come all at once, but you did not get to the place that you are all at once either.

And so that's why the barrage of processes that we offer are all oriented toward HELPING YOU GET TO THE PLACE WHERE YOU ARE ALLOWING THE WELL BEING THAT YOU'RE ASKING FOR…

North Los Angeles, CA 8/18/02

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