Crop Circles

[Guest asking about Crop Circles]

Abe: You can get in a negative tail spin over almost anything. Or you can be uplifted positively by almost anything. You get to choose you see.

We will tell you that there are many beings of physical and non-physical nature who do not live here with you. Who are aware, intently aware of your planet. For your planet is in the midst of great transition.

And so there are those who have interest in what you are doing. In what you are living. Because they have interest in your planet because your planet is an integral part of a much greater experience You see.

And so we say . As you focus upon the positive aspects of your acknowledging that they exist and do not worry about danger or harm they would bring unto you, then you can only benefit by exposure to the experience.

Just as you acknowledge that there are rapists and burglars and murderers that abound, your attention to them and your fear of them attracts them unto you.

Guest: So from their point of view. Its a matter of interacting with this dimension and letting this dimension know that there are other dimensions . And they selected something that would be entirely harmless and not interfering with anything. And something visible so that it could be seen …… um…… you think that's all there is?

Abe Well stated!! There is more to it. Their intent is to interact with your planet in a way that they can glean some information.

In other words they are sensing from the very core of your planet as they sit upon it. They have chosen to set down in areas where they are not disruptive. And so their mission has many intentions, all of it information gleaning and none of it intending to interfere or hinder your lfe experience whatsoever.

Guest: So what your saying is They are gathering information ………?

Abe: Correct, Of a seismic nature. Sensing the vibrations of your planet, the swelling of your planet, the balance of your planet .

They are not checking your wheat [laughter]

Extract from Abraham-Hicks tape 9/23/90


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