These articles and videos are being censored from the Mainstream Media

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Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell discovers early on in the pandemic that Ventilators may not be the correct treatment for Covid.

Dr. Dan Erickson and Dr. Artin Massihi, two doctors who run 7 emergency care facilities in CA. The doctors run through some statistics from when the video was filmed, but their take on viruses (with which we concur) begins at approx. 17:23.

Dr. David Brownstein – the FTC ordered Dr. Brownstein to stop talking about his successful protocols for Covid19.

Dr. Lyons Weiler, Research Scientist presents peer-reviewed research

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich of German Corona investigative Committee talks about international lawsuit.

Dr. Scott Jensen. Starting at 3:30 on the video, you can see what one doctor says the CDC advised him to do on his death certificates… He said it had never happened before and was unprecedented. Then further on in the video he talks about what has happened to him after telling the truth about the situation. IT IS HEARTBREAKING that a doctor is being censored under threat of losing his career and his livelihood…

Dr. Vernon Coleman – An Old Man in a Chair – says that the UK government’s own figures prove that Covid19 was no more lethal than the annual flu.

Dr. Zach Bush on the corona virus – “Microbes are part of our normal daily biologic experience.”

European Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 “Vaccines”: 3,964 DEAD 162,610 Injuries

Excess Deaths Data (I post this so that, if you are interested, you can read the comments section. Thousands of people commenting on their own experiences with the Covid Vaccine – very telling)

Frontline Doctors getting good results for Covid 19 with readily available medicines

Funeral Director Whistleblower, John O’Looney’s Covid Timeline:

Funeral Director Whistleblower, John O’Looney, rescued from UK Hospital by team of doctors, lawyers, and policemen, now safe and on the mend:

Funeral Director John O’Looney out of the hospital:

Government trained OSHA mask experts turned whistleblowers

Pfizer’s COVID Vaccine may trigger Herpes Virus that causes Shingles, study says

Pfizer’s COVID Vaccine May Trigger Herpes Virus That Causes Shingles, Study Says

Plandemic Part 1 – Dr. Judy Mikovits


In this video you will hear biochemist Kary Mullis, Nobel Prize Winner, in his own words, talk about how his PCR test was meant to be used, and he says it cannot be used to test for a disease… He also said he was a thorn in the side of Dr. Fauci and others of his ilk back in the day..

Professor Dolores Cahill, Molecular Biologist and Immunologist (Ireland) speaks out about the mRNA vaccine and WHY it will harm people who take it. Essentially she is saying that the mRNA creates a situation in the body where we become genetically engineered, so our genes are not functioning as Nature intended because of the interference. It will create “interrupted evolution”… not natural evolution. Since you’ve interrupted how the genes are supposed to work, this trait will also be passed along to your children and their children, unless there is some way to change it in the future. All in all, it’s the new frontier in the insane world of Industry geneticists… who only have money as their bottom line, not science, and certainly NOT the public welfare.

Professor Dolores Cahill interview

The Great Barrington Declaration – Over 56,000 medical practioners, public health scientists, epidemiologists and other medical professionals have signed this declaration against the lockdowns and other Covid public health policies. You can sign also as a concerned citizen.

What is the End Game? Richie from Boston interviews Dr. Carrie Madej

Whistleblower Nurse Erin Marie Olszewski’s testimony about conditions at Elmhurst Hospital, NY: