Compilation #3 – Oct. 2002

This compilation consists of the following 3 parts:

1. Information from Rhio
2. Sharing from the Group
3. List of Rejuvenating Ideas to fill your 2 hours per day Pledge
(some new ideas have been added to the list)

"Life is a grindstone. Whether it grinds us down
or polishes us up depends on us."
– L. Thomas Holdcraft

"A pattern that others made may prevail in the world…
however, following THAT thread we may miss OUR OWN design!"
– unknown


Living Sculpture

Hello Rejuvenators,

It would be helpful for us Rejuvenators to think of ourselves – our bodies, our minds, our souls – as flexible and malleable as wet clay. We are the piece of clay and we are also the sculptors of that sacred and divine piece of clay. Whatever we say goes. . . with that clay. We are the boss, mon! But, don’t you have to have some talent to sculpt a piece of clay? Yes, you do. But the beauty of it is that you can learn as you go. Even now, you are, in every moment, creating your own unique, one of a kind sculpture, unlike any other. The only element that will be added, if you choose, is that you will begin to consciously create what you are already doing unconsciously.

Your sculpture doesn’t have to measure up to the artificial standards set by our physical world. It doesn’t have to comply with its mindset, its ideas, its blindness to the beauties of individuality and nonconformity. It only has to meet your own personal parameters for what is right and beautiful for you. And because it is wet clay, if you don’t like what you’ve sculpted, you can retool it, amend it or just ball it up and start all over again.

How can we work with living clay? What would we use for tools instead of knives and chisels? Depending on whether you are sculpting the physical, mental or the spiritual, you have a dazzling array of resources and information at your disposal. Literally thousands of modalities to choose from and experiment with. Today, I’m going to share some ideas to help tone and youthify the physical face.

With the face, as with every other part of the physical body, what you think about yourself, and what you think in general – your philosophy of life – becomes embedded in the clay. So the very foundation of achieving youthfulness is starting with the basics — really work on removing any negative thought patterns you may have about yourself and your body or face. All negative emotions will carve unwanted wrinkles into the face. All depressing thoughts will create sag. No amount of physical work can smooth or lift them out again if you persist in holding on to the negative emotions and/or believing in the aging paradigm. A different thought, a fresh, naïve, hopeful thought, allows a different result to come into the physical. First the thought, then a brief time lapse, then the physical manifestation.

I invite you to share with the group your experiences with thoughts that have manifested into reality. Also your exerience with your rejuvenation so far.

Now for some modalities.

There is a machine, which goes by different brand names, that uplifts the muscles of the face through micro-current. It is a micro-current face lift machine. There are many electrical machines used for the face that are NOT micro-current machines so once I describe the machine and what it does, if you are interested in locating a practitioner in your area, send me your mailing address and I will send you a chart outlining the treatment. This way if you find a machine that you think might be the one, you can show the chart to the operator and find out if that is the kind of treatment that they give. I have been fooled several times trying to locate the micro-current treatments, especially when traveling. Estheticians have told me that they have this machine but, it turned out that it was a different kind of electrical current and treatment altogether that I received.

I discovered the existence of the micro-current machine many years back during the time that I was losing 88 lbs. of excess weight. I took a series of treatments while I was losing the weight and what it did for me was tone my face and neck, as I was losing the weight, so that I have very little sag under my chin as a result of losing all that weight. As some of you may know, one of the fears of losing weight is that the face will fall into sags and bags. Sometimes under the chin can be the trickiest part of the anatomy when you have a load of weight to lose. Sometimes the skin in that area will spring back to its former shape, but oftentimes it needs a little help.

The micro-current machine was originally developed as a treatment to help people with pain, such as facial neuralgia. It was discovered by accident that the part of the face that was treated had also received a tonifying "lift". So then the micro-current was studied further to develop a way to use it as a non-surgical face lift treatment. Of course, this type of treatment will never give you the kind of drastic lift that a surgical face lift gives. But in my opinion, surgical face lifts don’t deliver very satisfactory or natural results. They don’t do anything to improve the face in a lasting way and once on that course, have to be repeated in 5-10 years, with even less satisfactory results the second and third time around. Surgery also cuts into important acupuncture channels, that perhaps, cannot be restored. I don’t have information on that, but it would be a concern.

The micro-current is said to be the same electrical current that runs through a normal healthy body. It is a healing current.

The treatment works on 4 levels of the skin, the underlying muscle, subcutaneous, epidermis and dermis. The first phase is called relaxation or normalization. A series of movements are done at a certain frequency which relaxes the muscles and prepares them so that they will accept the reprogramming of the second phase which is called the Lift phase. This is the phase that actually shortens or contracts the muscles. When the muscles are shortened, the overlying skin lifts. A few treatments are needed to strengthen the muscles enough for this lift to hold. It is an incremental process. Once the normalization and reprogramming are done (during each treatment), then there are three more phases with different electrical frequencies that work on; 1) building collagen and elastin in the skin; 2) increasing energy in the cell; and 3) increasing oxygen and blood flow. The treatment takes approx. 1 1/2 hours. Twenty to thirty treatments are suggested in the beginning and then you go to a maintenance program of once a month. The price for each treatment is $75 up to $250. or higher, depending on the market area and the practitioner. There is an excellent practitioner in New York who charges models and celebrities at the higher rate. But the higher price doesn’t necessarily mean you are getting a better treatment. It’s like a car; a Volkswagon will get you where you’re going just as well as a BMW. If it’s the micro-current machine, then it will do the job. Of course, some practitioners are better than others, there is no doubt.

The brand names of these machines are many. There are some that come from Canada, Japan and Europe. The one that I’ve most often seen in the US is called the Bio-Therapeutic.

Magnets For Toning the Face

I learned about magnets for the face from a neighbor, who was using them both for toning his face and to reduce pain in other parts of his body. He said they were very effective. Since then, at some of the health expos that come to town occasionally, I have seen plastic face masks, embedded with magnets, for sale. They are said to uplift and tone the muscles by stimulating blood flow to the skin.

From my neighbor I learned where to buy the individual tiny magnets (9000 gauss) and where to place them on the face for rejuvenation. The magnets come with both north and south pole on opposite sides. The north is marked with a small indentation. The bio-north side is always placed towards the skin.
You can put them on before bed, and have them on all night long. Applying them individually, in my view, is better than using one of the plastic masks because you can be more precise in placing the magnet exactly on the point that you want it to be on. Also, once taped to your skin, you hardly feel them. A plastic mask is cumbersome and you wouldn’t want to keep that plastic mask on all night long.

Below is information from one catalog that sells the 9000 gauss magnets. The magnets are identified in the catalog as: Accu-Band 9000 Rec Magnets. And it further states: "9000 gauss (Br) high strength rare earth magnets. . . 24k gold plated (GP) 0.06" x 0.2" dia magnets with 0.8" dia band-aid plasters. The bionorth (-) side contacts the body and is marked with a small indentation" Comes in a pkg of 12.

The magnets come with band aid plasters to tape them on, but I find that these band aids leave a residue glue on the skin that then has to be cleaned off. I prefer to use another type of tape also sold in the catalog called Transpore clear.

The magnets are reasonably priced. If you want to experiment with them, send me your name and address and I will send you a picture which shows the placement on the face. You can also place them on acupuncture points. I like using the magnets and, in my experience, another benefit is that they relax you and make you sleepy before bed.

The catalog that sells them is:

OMS Medical Supplies, Inc.
1950 Washington Street
Braintrree, MA 02184
(781) 331-3370
(800) 323-1839


Sharing From Members of our Group:

Letter #1:

Dear Rhio,

Thank you so much for being such a rich resource and keeper of all this wonderful info! I have started doing breath work for an hour in my pool about 3-4 mornings a week with a snorkle and nose plugs. I began this program in February following a 10 week kidney detox. To my great surprise, after having completed menopause 16 years ago, my periods have returned. They are slight – 1/2 a day – but regular. When I visited my chiropractor and told him what I am experiencing, he checked out all my systems and said that I am experiencing youthing. I questioned him as to whether I could actually be 16 years younger inside than I was last year at this time. He said it appears to be true! So, I have read of such developments, but I have never known anyone to do this. Now, apparently, it's happening in my own body! I am 58 and most people think I am in my early 40s. Interesting, since I have a son who is 37. No one can believe we are mother and son. I teach TaiChi classes (Tai Chi in the water) 5 days a week, and the women in my classes have started to join me in the breathwork 3 mornings a week. If we have a whole group of us youthing, I will let you know! Since this was not my intention – youthing – I just wanted to feel healthier so I could do my healing work with my clients, this is most amazing, and I'm still in a wait and see what happens attitude. I will keep posted. But thought that you would like to know.


Kathleen Christ

Letter #2:

Hi Rhio,

Always good to hear from you. The farm idea is very exciting, know you can grow the most amazing fruits and vegetables to say nothing of all the fresh air, congratulations! I especially love manifesting the downpayment part.

Thanks for responding on the Rejuvenation project. Shortly after I wrote the initial letter, I added Real Willard Water to my liquid intake with reverse osmosis filtered water. About 3 weeks later I noticed a strong increase in vitality. I thought it was the homemade sauerkraut but through experimentation I found the Willard water to make a difference. I have since changed my water source from distilled to the Wellness filter used at Hippocrates with great response. I'll keep you posted on any future changes.

Has anybody used Patrick Flannigan's Microhydrin? We have for about 6 months, with some success. Upon increasing the dosage to suggested levels we experienced strong negative side effects, (maybe natural hygene is best).

Keep up the great work, bless you,


Letter #3:

Dear Rhio,

Jinjee Talifano sent me your second compilation and I am already doing most of the things on the list at the bottom of your email so count me in! I have been 100% raw since Dec. 31st 2001, lost 30 lbs (New years res but couldn't wait)and am feeling great. Just started taking Spirulina cause my hairdresser noticed that I am losing hair. Any other suggestions? I am definitely going to get some protobiotics and stay on enzyme treatments also. It basically took hair loss to make me interested in supplements!
Vanity is a powerful force!

Which reminds me, I am naturally sleeping more now that I am raw. Thought at first that my energy was low, not enough protein but then I realized that my whole body clock has slowed down for the better. Easier to fall into the zone in meditation, less worry and things that seemed important are falling away. I am more me and thank the Universe for this privileged path everyday! Thanks so much for this inspiring project, Rhio, and I am so glad you have a great piece of land to plant orchards. My dream also.

Mega blessings,

Lindy Anne Nisbet


A variety of things could be done in our special 2 hours per day devoted to our renewal. Explore the following possibilities:

*hatha yoga
*deep breathing exercises
*other types of exercise
*Russian Baths
*cold showers
*body massage
*lymphatic massage
*fast walk (jogging is not suggested because it is hard on the joints and also on the muscles of the face)
*weight training
*mini trampoline
*jump rope on mini trampoline (lots of fun). Do only if you feel confident about it.
*body brushing with plant fiber brush (this brush is kind of rough and you have to get used to it – five minutes of dry brushing the whole body twice a day helps to get the lymph fluid moving, helps the nerves and cleans and tones the skin)
*aligning chakras with sound
*swimming (if you live by a clean ocean or lake)
*any kind of sport that you enjoy
*thinking about and exploring the activities that bring you joy and happiness
*moderate sunbathing (expose the whole body if possible)
*micro-current facials
*facial acupuncture
*facial magnets
*face mask
*splashing ice cold water on the face and neck
*gentle facial stroking for smoothing and relaxation
*energy work
*relax in bed while listening to inspiring tapes, etc.
*ear coning or candling
*The Five Rites (5 special yoga exercises said to reverse aging)
*activities that cause laughter
*don't forget just snuggling with your partner often. (Good suggestion from Che'usa)
*dancing, singing, rowing
(Dancing, singing, rowing, all are aerobic, and the singing tones the neck muscles. Good suggestion from Raw Ma)
*sweat lodge
*sharing stories or listening to stories (I remember doing this as a child with my father – he used to tell me stories about his earlier life. Adventures that he had had and he also told me about relatives that I have never met. (They were in Hungary) Listening to stories is very powerful and to this day the times spent listening to my father are some of the most beautiful memories that I have – always brings me comfort -Rhio)
*walking barefoot on the sand at the beach
*burying yourself (except your head of course) in the sand at the beach
*walking barefoot in the grass (grass that has not been treated with pesticides or chemicals)
*lie in a hammock under a tree
*lie on the grass and watch the clouds float by
*walk in the woods
*help someone else or give assistance to someone who needs it (this brings peace, fulfillment and satisfaction)
*relaxation exercises or any activity that causes you to relax
*cultivate friendships and good will
*visualize scenarios of your future life and physical body, seeing them as if they were already a reality
*commune with Nature
*Be out in Nature as often as possible
*Sleep with the window open
*Be kind in the little things

(other suggestions welcome – we will add to the list each time)

If you would like to be a part of the Rejuvenation Project, you can join anytime by sending an Email with "join 1 year rejuvenation project" in the subject line. My Email is:

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