Compilation #1 – April, 2002

"Vitality and Beauty are gifts of Nature for those who live according to its Laws"
 – Leonardo Da Vinci

1) Information from Rhio
2) Sharing from Group
3) List of Rejuvenating Ideas to fill your 2 hours per day Pledge

1) Information from Rhio

Hi there Rejuvenators,

As we go along this journey of renewal for the next 12 months, I'd like to invite you to share your information, experiences and insights with the group if you feel comfortable about it. We now have approximately 100 or so people coming along, but others may join in at any point along the way.

I have had a difficult time starting on the journey. Many obstacles were put in my path and then I was assailed with doubts. And the more people signed up, the more those doubts came. Something like the following:

What do I know about rejuvenation?
How do I expect to find the fountain of youth when all through history nobody else has succeeded?
Am I a little arrogant to even attempt it?
Scientists, researchers and men and women with extensive credentials following their names have attempted to discover the answer to slowing down the aging process. I have no credentials. What makes me think I have something to contribute?
Hey, people are waiting to hear something, waiting for guidance. Am I going to let them down?
And on and so on. . . . .

But through all the doubts — I still also heard that quiet, calm, reassuring little voice within me saying — yes, you do know something — all people who are ready to receive with open hearts and minds DO KNOW AND WILL REMEMBER THE ANSWER to what seems like the riddle of aging. The question wouldn't exist if there were no answer to it.

In my life all the deeply held feelings, intuitions and knowing have always served me very well. . . when I finally got out of my own way.

And so I regained my confidence by listening to the inner voice and forgetting about the rest. After all, nothing new would ever be discovered or created if we waited for the "experts" to do it.

"In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert's mind there are few."
 – Shunryu Suzuki

I've given the subject of rejuvenation a lot of thought lately, and I keep coming back to one idea; the one idea that seems to supercede all others – MIND. In the Edgar Cayce Readings whenever he was asked about how a person could retain their youthfulness – the answer always came as "MIND", or "Harness the mind", or "Mind is the builder." For those who don't know about Edgar Cayce, let me introduce you.

Edgar Cayce was a psychic during the early part of the 20th century who was able (by going into a trance state), to diagnose people's illnesses and offer remedies for their healing. If people followed his suggestions faithfully, a large percentage of them regained their health. The readings over a period of years numbered into the thousands. An organization known as The Association for Research and Enlightenment sprang up as a result of Cayce's work. It is located, to this day, in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The readings are available for perusal. Even though the bulk of Cayce's work was focused on helping people to reestablish their health, he also did readings on a wide range of other subjects.

I have studied some of the Cayce readings and they helped me once when Leigh (that's my honey) had a kidney stone. This was before he became a raw food enthusiast. He spent 6 days in the hospital and until the last day, they never gave him a diagnosis. Because his organs of digestion had become paralyzed due to the pain, they wanted to do exploratory surgery on him. He was saved from the surgery at the very last minute by a nurse with an enema bag. Prior to that they had given him a test that coated his intestines with barium to take pictures. But the exploratory surgery could not be performed until all the barium was removed, thus the enema was employed.

The nurse must have given him 20 enemas that night and when I came to the hospital the next morning Leigh told me that the doctors had told him that his organs of digestion were no longer paralyzed, (seems the stone had moved) so he was out of danger, but they still wanted to go ahead with the exploratory surgery — imagine that? So I said to Leigh, well you have to make your own decision regarding what to do.

A few days before, by the process of elimination, I had independently of the hospital, through studying various Cayce readings, narrowed down Leigh's problem to a kidney stone. Now I had faith that if others had been helped through the readings that Leigh could be helped too, but it was his decision, after all he was the one with the excrutiating pain.

Leigh signed himself out of the hospital and came home in almost as much pain as when he went in. We live on the 4th floor but our bedroom is on the 5th floor. After a long slow climb up the stairs, he finally made it to the 4th floor, but couldn't make it to the 5th. So we set him up in the living room.

Immediately we began following all the Cayce remedies – castor oil packs on the abdomen, lots of Kale soup broth with garlic, Mullein herb (which I had growing on the roof) made into a tea. A few days later, Leigh passed the stone.

The hospital bill for six days was over $10,000 dollars. The Cayce remedies, under $100.

I tell you this story only so that you know why I have confidence in a lot of the information that came through the Cayce readings and so when Cayce squarely places aging as a function of Mind, I tend to believe it.

But even though that's a clue, the MIND is a huge subject. So how do we break it down to get the information that we need.

Well, let's start with what the conscious mind believes. Cayce said numerous times "Mind is the Builder." So if mind is the builder, it has to be building according to what it believes. What it believes doesn't necessarily have to be the truth, but if the mind believes it, the Subconscious Mind acts accordingly.

In our society today, it seems that everyone agrees that a progression of aging and deterioration is a fait accompli. Most people don't even think about it really, they just accept it. And they have a lot of proof. All around them people ARE aging terribly, we see it in our favorite movie stars (though they manage to delay it a bit), we see it in our friends and family, we see it in ourselves. With so much "proof" all around, how can we go against the grain and believe in a lasting youthfulness?

That is a key point. How do we create a new reality based on a new belief while living in the midst of the old paradigm? How do we sustain a new belief when daily we are exposed to the prejudices of the old?

It is simple, but elusive. Let's extrapolate to drugs.

When I see a commercial on TV glorifying the virtues of drugs, I know the truth about those drugs, so those commercials do not affect me in the same way that they do a hypnotized society who has been programmed to accept the corporate dogma. I inform myself about the dangers of drugs, how they disrupt body processes and damage livers and kidneys. I notice how people become addicted to them. I notice how drugs create numerous problems in the body for which yet more drugs are prescribed. I notice the vicious cycle that ensues. I notice that drugs are periodically taken off the market because the public, acting as guinea pigs, have finally revealed the truth about their effects. I observe Nature and see that the chemicals that are in her plants are never isolated into drug forms. They exist within a plethora of phytochemicals, phytonutrients and yet undiscovered substances. By observing and seeking the truth about a subject, it protects me from the lies that are fostered about it.

In the same way that I found out the truth about drugs, we will attempt to find out the truth about aging. Is aging caused by the passage of years?

I employed a carpenter who was 30 years old. Everytime he had a pain or ache in his body I would hear him say "I'm getting old." Have you heard people do that? It's very common. Now the subconscious mind is always listening to what the conscious mind is saying, thinking or feeling. The subconscious mind makes no judgements, it only acts upon what the conscious mind feeds it. So one of the basic precepts for anti-aging is to be conscious and aware of what ideas, impressions, thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc. we are passing on to the subconscious mind.

Here's an example: Let's say you are overweight. Everytime you look in the mirror you think about how fat and unattractive you are. How can you ever get svelte when you are programming the subconscious mind with these negative judgements? What can you do then? Are you going to deceive yourself? No, you don't want to do that. But what about the power of the imagination to recreate the new you in your mind's eye while you bring it into the reality of your being, which may take a little time lag. So with this new thought in mind, you go to the mirror again and look for all the beautiful things about yourself, don't forget to include the inner beauty which shines through the body, and you focus for the moment on those, and you say honestly how beautiful you really are and your subconscious hears this message and acts upon it. Soon you will start losing weight. In fact as soon as you sincerely just make the transition in your mind, something in your demeanor immediately changes. I've seen it many times, it's incredible to watch.

Next month we'll tackle how to hypnotize yourself into accepting new beliefs and when the best time of the day or night is to do it. . . among other ideas.

Don't forget to carry that picture around with you, remember, the one we talked about last time. Sneak a peak once in awhile and be happy, it's coming towards you.

With Love and Blessings,


2) Sharing from the group

HI Rhio

I had started my own rejuv project before you announced yours and this is what I know about this subject. What causes a person to fall apart and then what people call aging. Aging or falling apart has nothing to do with gaining years. Falling apart, looking bad and disease are all from the same causes. They can be divided into 3 areas.

1. Lacking something essential.
2. Gaining inhibiting toxins.
3. Stress, undealt with stress, and negative thought patterns emotions and speach.

Lacking something essential: the essentials, building

1. Only organic raw food in proper balance as taught by Sapoty Brooks and the chart he sells.
2. Sunshine: an hour a day min preferably with no clothes.
3. Lots of distilled water, get a distiller
4. Lots of sleep
5. Exercise to set the appetite, oxygenate, strengthen, build circulation, get rid of all negative emotions and stress, sleep better
6. Clean air, flee from dirty cities and cars. Near the ocean is good. keep windows open at night.
7. Stretching exercises, for nerve and blood flow, releases stress
8. Dry brush massage, for nerve stimulation, cleanses skin and lymph system
9. Swimming in clean warm ocean water is very good
10. Live in a quite peacful place
11. Listen to uplifting music, make your own music

Gaining inhibiting toxins that hinder and destroy: detoxify

1. Get rid of all mercury fillings
2. By homeopathy, fasting, msm, distilled water, saunas, colonics get rid of all toxins
3. Lose all excess weight. Toxins are stored in the fat, also obesity is now known to be worse than smoking. Get body fat down to between 6 -10%
4. Get rid of and eliminate exposure to all chemicals, carpet, synthetic bedding. My bed is a wool futon, on a latex matress on a wood frame.
5. Reduce or eliminate exposure to harmfullemfs. like tvs and computer video screens
6. Don't swim in chlorine pools
7. Don't overeat, excess becomes toxic
8. Massage

Stress, negative thoughts and speech

1. There is a good book that talks about negative thoughts called Your Body Believes Everything You Say {Your Body Believes Every Word You Say}
2. Exercise to get rid of stress and negative thoughts, feelings.


1. Blood tests
2. Complete metabolic urine test – metametrix
3. Electro dermal scanning
4. Iridiology

Personally have started doing just about everything I wrote here. I ordered a home sauna and it should be here this week. I live in a sunny climate near the ocean clean water. Got rid of all mercury. Going all organic with less fruit and more greens. Did blood, urine and eds testing.

OK lets all rawjuvenate

In all abundace

Forever young

Alan (Email:


Please sign me up! I am wondering if your "look 10 years younger "project includes help from the allopathic medical field, such as plastic surgery, or chemical peels, laser, micro-dermabrasion etc…. OR – were you focusing on thinking of diverse natural remedies like a stricter raw foods diet, exercise, herbs, massage, acupuncture, tai chi, etc.?…?

More feedback would be great, thanks.



Dear Aly,

The focus will be mostly on the latter, but there are a few techniques in the allopathic arena which I think worth looking into – like fat injection for the face and back of hands. They have found that your own fat recolonizes and reconnects to blood vessels in the area of injection (when properly done) which I think is promising.

And chemical peels, while certainly not natural and while they do cause stress to the kidneys, would be worth looking into for people who have lots of wrinkles probably from sun damage. For them, the benefit might overshadow the risk. (Most credible doctors check the person's kidneys first to make sure they are healthy enough to handle it.)

The traditional face lift though I do not believe works for a lasting youthful look, since it only lasts for a short time and doesn't contribute to any permanent improvements. I won't be covering that.

Thanks for joining our project.

Blessings and Peace,


Dear Rhio,

What a great idea! What great service to start your rejuvenation e group. Please count me in. If I lose ten years I swear I fly to Manhattan to celebrate.

Love and Aloha,



I would love to share some info. regarding de-aging process; I've looked into this area for a long time and would like to contribute. I am currently a licensed chiropractor in Dallas TX. but lived for about 20 years just outside of Manhattan in New Jersey. I've looked into many areas of healing that involve mental, physical, emotional, environmental, energetic, chemical (dietary), vibrational therapies. I'm very happy to hear someone with similar interests.

Marlon A. Hernandez D.C

Dear Marion,

Thank you for offering to share your knowledge and expertise with our fledgling group. I know we will all appreciate it very much. I will be doing a compilation once a month. It will contain my ideas and information and also ideas that people like yourself send me to share.

Thanks again.


From: Howard A. Powers


I know this because I have lived it. 35 years ago, beset by many health problems, I set out to become healthy, remain young-looking and live to at least 100. I started with weight-lifting, soon moved into running, then added hatha yoga. Mostly, my diet was standard American, except for eating bigger and more complex salads. Allopathic medicine played very little part in my health care. Whenever I had symptoms in the heart, the circulatory system, the prostate, the colon or the lungs I changed my diet or took herbal supplements rather than using pharmaceuticals.

Twenty years ago I joined a running club and became a fierce competitive runner. That is when I learned how important athleticism is for health and well-being if you are eating too much meat dairy products and starch.

However, I also noticed that in the late 60s to early 70s signs of aging and slower racing times began to set in. By the age of 73 I began to look my age. I had numbness in the extremities, constant thirst, night sweats, heartburn, fatigue, bulging abdomen and excess body fat. An intestinal cleanout with herbal drinks reduced the bulge and improved elimination but not the other symptoms.

It was when I stopped eating cooked food, 3-1/2 years ago, that I got rid of the fat and regained my health. My running improved so much that I won the Grande Prix Circuit of 12 races in 1999 and 2000.

But I did not rejuvenate because I was eating raw food from plants that were changed by thousands of years of selctive breeding and hybridizing, thereby eliminating thousands of antioxidants and phytochemicals that may prevent aging and chronic disease. What's more, even organic vegetables are mostly grown on mineral-depleted soil. I began to realize that I needed to eat food that is more like that which grows in the rain forest, eaten by the great apes, and unchanged by Man's science and technology. But, where would I find anything like that, which was also affordable? I tried Perfect Food, a green powder superfood because it seemed like the best of the lot. It helped to reduce the varicose veins on my arms but did not rejuvenate.

Then I read about VitaMineral Green in my junk mail. It was "wild-crafted" (made from primitive foods). Dr. Jameth Dina had spent 13 years encouraging farmers to grow primitive foods, squeeze them into juice and freeze-dry the juice into green powder. I started on this type of food on 01/01/01 (how fitting) and never looked back. Now, 13 months later, I am almost completely rejuvenated. Only a few frown wrinkles remain to be erased by a topical food product called Shea Butter.

Along with rejuvenation, comes perfect health and well-being, less need of sleep, tireless legs, perfect digestion and elimination, better eyesight, no hunger, even disposition, great energy and enthusiasm, youthful mentality and spirituality. However, to keep all of this going, I believe you have to continue the athleticism, the moderate sun exposure, the clean air, the pure ionized water, the raw food, proper food combinations and frequent stretching work-outs such as hatha yoga and Tai Chi. In other words, act like a hunter/gatherer who lives in a rain forest. I believe that now that we can rejuvenate, 90 % of chronic disease will disappear and people will live almost twice as long, with very few signs of aging. Food will be eaten for nourishment rather than sociability. Perhaps raw food desserts will fill the gap.

In any case, food must become and remain localized to keep powerful international corporations from corrupting the system to increase the bottom line.

I had intended to send pictures of myself sitting on the beach as of now vs. fifty years ago, but my son tells me he has to reduce the size and quality to make it practicable. I will send them next week, hopefully. You decide which is which.

Best rawgards,

Howard A. Powers, rejuvenation engineer

Hi Rhio,

I am interested in your Rejuvenation Project. I think that one of the most influential ways to get people's attention about health is to look younger. It's a great lead-in to living foods. When I was 40, I looked 50. Now I am almost 52 and most people think I am 40.

I will gladly share what I have done to change that, however, I have used supplements and machines, which go against many people's ideas about healing naturally. To me they give busy people the benefits they wouldn't otherwise have.

I will be forwarding a website on breathing for you to look at in reference to the project. I just received it today. I met the man behind the scenes at a raw food feast.




Thank you so much for all the work you are doing in our behalf.

There is only one remark I would like to make in reference to a segment of your article, wanting to look 10, 20, or 30 years younger I believe is not out of vanity but a deep inner knowing of the fact that we should never age, the cells in our bodies are constantly reproducing themselves, as long as we provide a clean environment they should all reproduce perfectly healthy, only when we fail to keep our bodies clean is that the aging process sets in.

Just remember, it is not vanity but that deep inner knowing of an absolute truth.

Much Love

Lally Codriansky

P.S. I live in Connecticut so I will definitely participate in your project and be at the party.

Dear Lally,

Thank you for joining our project. I will share what you said in my first rejuvenation compilation because I truly believe you are right on the mark.

When I've tried to enlighten people about the political aspects of food and other health issues, I've taken a lot of flack from some who still do not understand how food can be political. So they tell me things like just tell us about the food but keep your politics to yourself. They are kind of tough sometimes but they rarely remove themselves from the list. I confess that in an effort to deflect some possible censure to me personally, I put the vanity statement in – to cut them off at the pass. Do you understand? Perhaps I need to develop more courage, but you – you are saying the absolute truth and I will pass it on. Thank you so very much for your clarity.

Looking forward to meeting you next year . . . or before.

Blessings and Peace,



Subscribe 1 Year Rejuvenation Project

This is exactly what I need. I was 52 on January 24 and I do not feel that age, but am looking that age! Damn that sun in my teen years! I was raised in the Beach Boy Blonde era and tried very hard to be tan. Didn't happen as I'm a redhead! But boy did I cook myself in those days of yore.

Do please put me on the list and tell me what more I can do besides raw foods and exercise and meditation and and and and …………..

Thanks for doing this

Shari in Washington state

Dear Shari,

Happy birthday you youngster!!!

Thanks for joining our elist. A lot of people joined and are willing to share information and experiences so I feel it will be a very beneficial forum.

I know it will sound strange coming from me because I'm always talking about nature, NATURE, NATURAL, but. . . if you have a lot of wrinkles on your face because of exposure to the sun I would look into a chemical face peel. It's not natural, and there is some detox work that the kidneys have to do to get rid of the chemicals but I have seen some amazing results with a doctor here in New York City. Unfortunately he retired and I don't think his son is as competent as he was. When the father was practicing, he used to take very wrinkled skins and turn them into baby skin. It was amazing. So what I'm saying is that in the right and competent hands, this might be an avenue to explore.

There are also some glycolic acid peels that are surface peels, not as deep.

Always be extremely careful and do a lot of investigating of the practitioner and their background – preferably see and talk to other of their patients.

On my monthly Rejuvenation Compilation there will be lots of diverse information about rejuvenation in general, but I just thought I'd mention that peel as a specific for sun damaged skin. Natural skin care methods work well but usually more as a preventative method although you can definitely gain some diminishment of facial wrinkles, it all depends on how much damage there is. I have a few natural facial masks in my book, Hooked on Raw, but there are other books specifically devoted to facial care with natural products like fruits, honey and other substances topically applied.

You'll get that skin smooth as a babys – persist – and the method will come to you.

Best wishes,


3) A variety of things could be done in our special 2 hours per day. Explore the following possibilities:

hatha yoga
deep relaxation
deep breathing exercises
other types of exercise
Russian baths
cold showers
body massage
lymphatic massage
castor oil packs
seaweed wraps
mineral wraps
fast walking (jogging is not suggested because it is hard on the joints and also on the muscles of the face)
walking in natural environments (beach, wilderness, forest, park, etc)
walking barefoot on grass or sand
weight training
mini trampoline
jump rope on mini trampoline (lots of fun). do only if you feel confident about it.
body brushing
aligning chakras with sound
swimming (if you live by a clean ocean)
swimming in non chlorinated pool
any kind of sport that you enjoy
thinking about and exploring the activities that bring you joy
moderate sunbathing
micro-current facials
facial acupuncture
facial magnets
face mask
gentle face stroking for smoothing skin and relaxation
splashing ice cold water on the face and neck
energy work
relax in bed while listening to inspiring tapes, etc.
ear coning or candling
The Five Rites
cold sheet wraps
activities that cause laughter
juice fasting
green coconut water fasting
Don't forget just snuggling with your partner often. (good suggestion from Che'usa)

(other suggestions welcome – we will add to the list each time. If you do not know what some of the things on the list are, they will be explained in future compilations).

If you know of someone who would like to be part of the Rejuvenation Project, please have them send me an Email with "join 1 year rejuvenation project" in the subject line. My Email is: 

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