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1) Yellowstone Super Volcano Update
2) Super Volcano In Yellowstone National Park
3) Current Activity at the Yellowstone Volcanic System
4) Frequently asked questions about recent findings at Yellowstone Lake
5) Yellowstone's Super Volcano Report: 11-01-2003
6) Wolf Pack at Yellowstone, Message to All Peacemakers
7) Wolf Pack Leaves Yellowstone

1) Yellowstone Super Volcano Update

By Dr. Bruce Cornet
Geologist, Paleobotanist, and Palynologist
September 8th, 2003

Mt. Sheriden has been rumbling (15+ micro-quakes) between 1:00 pm and now (9/7/03). There were three small earthquakes at Yellowstone lake between 10:00 am and 1:00 pm MT (9/7/03), which were felt at Norris Junction. There were some small quakes between Midnight and 6:00 am (9/7/03) at Norris Junction. There was a whole string of micro-quakes (25 or more) at Madison River between 6:00 am and now, which are continuing. There have been sporadic micro-quakes (32+) all day at Mammoth Hot Springs. Micro-quakes started around Noon and have continued to the present at Mirror Lake Plateau. All in all, activity is picking up from a lull for about two weeks, before which a series of small and large quakes (including a 4.4) occurred. That quake prompted the web report.

Steam pressure is apparently building again, and hydrothermal fluids and steam are working their way up through fractures and vents. I do not expect anything unusual or extreme to happen in the immediate future, but if the trend continues, and the number of earthquakes gradually increase with time, more warnings from geologists will ensue.

What you should be alert to is any report that mentions increasing geyser activity, with new fumaroles and steam vents appearing near or on top of the rising dome. The dome has risen about three feet in the past few years, and magma has risen to within 3.7 km of the surface based on quake data. Earthquake loci measured to within 0.5 km under Mt. St. Helens, and people still didn't think it would erupt.

But everything has to be scaled up for Yellowstone, meaning that 3.7 km is not a safe depth. Ground temperatures in the northwestern part of the park are apparently on the rise (up to 200 dg F in some places), killing the vegetation. Large areas of the park are now closed, including areas with geysers, because their water temperature is now scalding and dangerous for visitors.

If more steam vents appear, that means a continuous pathway for pressure release has been established to the magma chamber. If that happens, the pressure in the magma chamber will continue to drop until it reaches a critical stage when the superheated water within the magma explodes. When that happens the super-volcano will blow violently, blowing out a chunk of its cap-rock and sending millions of cubic feet of ash into the atmosphere in a Pompeii-like explosion, but 100,000 times worse.

When you hear those reports, you will have about two days to "get out of Dodge" before the eruption. Unfortunately, as the steam venting subsides, there will be a false sense of security. People will think it was just another cyclical event, and the danger is over. But that will be the farthest from the truth. It will be the quiet before the storm. A major earthquake will suddenly rock their towns for hundreds of kilometers around Yellowstone, and soon thereafter 1,000+ degree pyroclastic flows will descend on them at hundreds of miles per hour, extending out to 600+ km.

That 600 km radius around the caldera will experience total devastation. The next 600 km out may receive as much as 5-10 feet of ash, depending on wind direction. The thickness of ash will decrease away from the super-volcano, but will reach the crop belt in the Midwest (Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, etc.), destroying most of the fertile croplands of the United States. California will be hit hard by falling ash, with its central wine valley severely damaged (the French will love it). Agriculture will have to shift east of the Mississippi for years. The Garden State will once again live up to its name.

In northern Idaho you will have to contend with several feet of ash and isolation. Roads will be closed. Power will be out. Phones will be out. Communication will depend on Ham radios and local stations that have generators. Rescue will take weeks or months. Some areas will never see rescue teams. The survivalists will be best prepared to make it through the difficult months following the eruption. Make new friends. Have plenty of dust masks on hand, because you cannot breath any airborne ash if you want to avoid lung disease. It's what caused mass kills of plains animals 12 million years ago, resulting in extensive bone beds beneath the ash. Drinkable water will sell at the price of gold.

To recap, I don't expect anything to happen in the near future. But with such an unpredictable event, being prepared is your best ticket to survival."

Dr. Bruce Cornet

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2) Super Volcano In Yellowstone National Park

[For a fuller experience, read this article at the website above, which contains maps, diagrams, and photos.]

Source: United States Geological Survey, University of Utah, The BBC

It is little known that lying underneath one of The United States largest and most picturesque National Parks — Yellowstone Park — is one of the largest "super volcanoes" in the world.

The term "supervolcano" has no specifically defined scientific meaning. It was used by the producers of The BBC TV show Horizion in 2000 to refer to volcanoes that have generated Earth's largest volcanic eruptions. As such, a supervolcano would be one that has produced an exceedingly large, catastrophic explosive eruption and a giant caldera.

Scientists have revealed that Yellowstone Park has been on a regular eruption cycle of 600,000 years. The last eruption was 640,000 years ago…so the next is overdue. The next eruption could be 2,500 times the size of the 1980 Mount St. Helens eruption. Volcanologists have been tracking the movement of magma under the park and have calculated that in parts of Yellowstone the ground has risen over seventy centimeters this century.

Around the world there are several other volcanic areas that can be considered "supervolcanoes"- Long Valley in eastern California, Toba in Indonesia, and Taupo in New Zealand. Other "supervolcanoes" would likely include the large caldera volcanoes of Japan, Indonesia, Alaska (e.g. Aniakchak, Emmons, Fisher).

Normal volcanoes are formed by a column of magma — molten rock — rising from deep within the Earth, erupting on the surface, and hardening in layers down the sides. This forms the familiar cone shaped mountain we associate with volcanoes.

Supervolcanoes, however, begin life when magma rises from the mantle to create a boiling reservoir in the Earth's crust. This chamber increases to an enormous size, building up colossal pressure until it finally erupts. The explosion would send ash, dust, and sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere, reflecting the sun's rays and creating a cold wave lasting several years. Crops in many areas would fail and many species of animals and plants would face extinction.

Volcanic activity began in the Yellowstone National Park region a little before about 2 million years ago. Molten rock (magma) rising from deep within the Earth produced three cataclysmic eruptions more powerful than any in the world's recorded history. The first caldera-forming eruption occurred about 2.1 million years ago. The eruptive blast removed so much magma from its subsurface storage reservoir that the ground above it collapsed into the magma chamber and left a gigantic depression in the ground — a hole larger than the state of Rhode Island. The huge crater, known as a caldera, measured as much as 80 kilometers long, 65 kilometers wide, and hundreds of meters deep, extending from outside of Yellowstone National Park into the central area of the Park.

The most recent caldera-forming eruption about 650,000 years ago produced a caldera 53 x 28 miles (85 x 45 kilometers) across in what is now Yellowstone National Park (Figure 2). During that eruption, ground-hugging flows of hot volcanic ash, pumice, and gases swept across an area of more than 3,000 square miles. When these enormous pyroclastic flows finally stopped, they solidified to form a layer of rock called the Lava Creek Tuff. Its volume was about 240 cubic miles (1,000 cubic kilometers), enough material to cover Wyoming with a layer 13 feet thick or the entire conterminous United States with a layer 5 inches thick. The Lava Creek Tuff has been exposed by erosion at Tuff Cliff, a popular Yellowstone attraction along the lower Gibbon River.

The eruption also shot a column of volcanic ash and gases high into Earth's stratosphere. This volcanic cloud circled the globe many times and affected Earth's climate by reducing the intensity of solar radiation reaching the lower atmosphere and surface. Fine volcanic ash that fell downwind from the eruption site blanketed much of North America. This ash layer is still preserved in deposits as far away as Iowa, where it is a few inches thick, and the Gulf of Mexico, where it is recognizable in drill cores from the sea floor. Lava flows have since buried and obscured most of the caldera, but the underlying processes responsible for Yellowstone's tremendous volcanic eruptions are still at work. […snip…]

To strengthen the long-term monitoring of volcanic and earthquake unrest in the Yellowstone National Park region, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), Yellowstone National Park, and University of Utah have entered into an agreement to establish the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory (YVO).

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3) Current Activity at the Yellowstone Volcanic System
[USGS Government website]
Yellowstone Activity Update

November 2003 Yellowstone Seismicity Summary

During the month of November 2003, 56 earthquakes were located in the Yellowstone region. The largest shock to occur during this report period was a magnitude 2.2 earthquake on November 20th at 14:26 UTC, located about 8.3 miles south southwest of Madison Junction, Wyoming.

Earthquake activity in the Yellowstone region is at background levels.

* Recent articles in the press reported a "bulge" beneath Yellowstone Lake and have generated some concern about possible dangers for residents or visitors to the area. [See #4 below] for answers to some of the questions we've been asked by the public and press.

* Notable changes in thermal activity at Norris Geyser Basin resulted in the closure of the Back Basin Trail and temporary deployment of a monitoring network by YVO.
Learn more:

* Portions of Norris Geyser Basin reopened to the public on 9 October.
Read the National Park Service News Release.

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4) Frequently asked questions about recent findings at Yellowstone Lake

[USGS Government website]

[Recent articles in the press reported a "bulge" beneath Yellowstone Lake and have generated some concern about possible dangers for residents or visitors to the area.]

(Q) Is there a bulge beneath the lake?

Mapping of the lake bottom has revealed a variety of faults, hot springs and craters beneath Yellowstone Lake. In a recent scientific report (Morgan et al., 2003), one feature was informally named the "inflated plain" by USGS researcher Lisa Morgan, who organized surveys of the lake beginning in 1999. In mapping the entire lake, she and her colleagues identified a region about 2,000 feet long that rises about 100 feet above the lake floor. The area is in the northern part of Yellowstone Lake, south-southwest of Storm Point. The area is home to many hot springs and the nearby sediments have undergone chemical changes (alteration) due to the flow of thermal water.

(Q) Why was it called the "inflated plain"?

Seismic images of the lake sediments in this area show that they were tilted, hinting that the region may have been pushed up or "inflated." The amount of inflation would be much less than the 100-foot height of the feature, but is currently unknown. The images appear to indicate that the uplift is associated with accumulation of gas from Yellowstone's hydrothermal (hot water) system. Similar inferred gas accumulations were also noted elsewhere within the lake. Future research will assess the amount of uplift and its origin, whether by gas buildup or other potential mechanisms.

(Q) Has the "inflated plain" been growing?

At present, there is no evidence of recent growth of any features beneath the lake, and there is no indication that residents or visitors are in any danger. Temperature measurements from hydrothermal vents taken this year indicate no change in temperatures compared to those taken last year. The feature may have been there for decades or much longer.

(Q) So what's the big deal?

There may be none. This region has active hydrothermal features, and possibly some uplift. It's possible that the area could host future hydrothermal explosions, but so could other areas beneath the lake and other areas within the Park.

(Q) What's a hydrothermal explosion?

Hydrothermal explosions occur when water that feeds Yellowstone's geysers and hot springs is explosively flashed to steam, breaking rocks and throwing them into the air. Small hydrothermal explosion events occur every few years at Yellowstone, mostly in the geyser basins, and usually pose little hazard. There is geologic evidence for a few large hydrothermal explosions, some leaving craters thousands of feet across near Yellowstone Lake and in other areas of the park. Such large explosions have not occurred within the last several thousand years. Two classic papers discuss evidence for hydrothermal explosions at Yellowstone, both in the geyser basins (Muffler et al., 1971) and beneath Mary Bay in Yellowstone Lake (Wold et al., 1977).

(Q) Do any of the features beneath the lake relate to possible volcanic eruptions?

It is very unlikely. All active features are related to faults and hot water (hydrothermal) vents. Identified craters were formed by collapse or as a result of old hydrothermal explosions. Many of the rocks beneath the lake are lava flows more than 100,000 years old.

(Q) Is there any possibility of a toxic gas emission from Lake Yellowstone as occurred in Africa some years ago?

No. What occurred in Cameroon (Lake Nyos in 1986) resulted from CO2 buildup in the bottom waters of a tropical lake. In warm climates, lakes easily become stratified. In cold climates, however, the waters of lakes "turn over" once or twice per year. Cold water from melting ice sinks to the bottom of the lake. This creates a well-mixed lake with minimal potential for gas buildup. In addition, the CO2 at Lake Nyos was cold and not associated with thermal water. Waters and gases from the hot vents beneath Lake Yellowstone will tend to rise through the lake due to their low density.

(Q) Is anybody assessing the hazards from new hydrothermal explosions?

A geologic hazard assessment of Yellowstone National Park is underway by YVO. The assessment will evaluate the known and potential hazards at Yellowstone from earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and hydrothermal explosions. Any new information on Yellowstone Lake will be made available to YNP officials and the general public.

[References given at website.]

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5) Yellowstone's Super Volcano Report: 11-01-2003

The map of United States shows a large oval circle extending from Oregon to Texas, where ash was deposited after the eruption of 600,000 years ago. (see map at website)

Yellowstone Super Volcano Report: For those of you who may not know, Yellowstone National Park is basically located on top of a hidden super volcano, estimated to be around two and a half to three thousand times more powerful then when Mount Saint Helens erupted on May 18th, 1980. That's about the power of an asteroid hitting the earth with equal consequences in regards to dirt and ash being thrown into the air world wide. So what you may ask, I live no where near it!

Yellowstone's super volcano has begun to wake up and this super volcano is not taking it's time in doing so. Since mankind has no hard DATA on super volcanoes to have learned from in modern times, no one really knows exactly what the basic warning signs are just before she blows her top all the way into the stratosphere!

Volcanologist[s] and scientist[s] in general have starting warning us that they simply do not have a clue if this is all the warning anyone is ever going to get should Yellowstone's super volcano erupt.

But here's what we do know. Recent eyewitness who live and work at Yellowstone report there is a large "bulge" in Yellowstone Lake. Other callers who live in the Yellowstone area are starting to paint an even bigger picture (despite is downplaying the matter) callers are now starting to take their concerns to the airwaves via live radio shows.

Numerous callers I have personally heard in recent weeks are reporting that parts of Yellowstone National Park have now been closed down for good because the "above" ground level temperatures have risen well over 200 degrees. Ouch, that's way too hot to touch by hand! This and a lot more has started generating great concern for everyone within a 300-600+ mile area! Not to mention the enormous effect of a truly powerful explosion would have world wide from such a catastrophic eruption like it has had in the past and would once again.

Additionally, changes in thermal activity at Norris Geyser Basin resulted in the closure of the Back Basin Trail and the temporary deployment of a monitoring network.

During the month of September 2003, 80 earthquakes took place in the Yellowstone region! The largest quake was a magnitude 3.3 on September 10th at 10:20 UTC, located about 22.4 miles south southeast of West Thumb, Wyoming, near the southern park border. This earthquake is part of an aftershock sequence that began with a main quake that occurred on August 21, 2003, with a magnitude 4.4 has continued to produce smaller aftershocks.

Earthquake activity in the Yellowstone region continues to this very day at low, background levels . Stay tuned for updates in the weeks ahead!

Special Update! 10-18-2003

Yellowstone Super Volcano Update:
Today, an eyewitness who lives in Bridger Mont, Montana, (about 70 miles north east from the center of Yellowstone National Park) was talking on the radio indicating he frequents the park many times each year. He said, "Yellowstone has had a lot of road closings this year do to the (high) heat of the roads, they would not allow cars to travel down through there." "It has gotten extremely warm in the area." This is mainly due to the ground levels on the surface reaching in excess of 200 plus degrees radiating upwards in the region, thus warming the air, "even melting the snow at a much faster rate than normal" the caller went on to say.

Special Update! 11-05-2003 & Predication Date

Yellowstone Super Volcano update: Volcanic Alert Notice
"Yellowstone's volcano is heating up" Says Larry A. Park, of 22 years in research and development at Oregon's Solar Con Research Center, specializing in Earth Precursory Sciences who holds four US patents in this field. Larry Parks and his research team indicate that Yellowstone is showing activity for a major event.

Mr. Parks indicates that there is a direct relationship between our sun's recent intense solar flare activity and earthquakes and volcanic eruptions world wide. In recent weeks the Earth has been getting hit with historic massive solar flares from the sun unlike any ever seen before in modern history, and this has been accelerating the activity in Yellowstone Park.

On The Premier Radio Network Mr. Parks said, "Yellowstone is seeing a continuing trend of unrest. There is a rare and very powerful geyser called Steam Boat Geyser, one of the largest geysers in the world has had two major eruptions in the last few weeks. And the last eruption has not even hit the news and your hearing it first, here. October 29th, (2003) is the most recent eruption, prior was October 23rd (2003). Now this makes it 6 eruptions in the last 18 months. What is significant about this is that Steam Boat Geyser is normally dormant, sometimes for decades. The last time it was this active was in the early 1980's time span when Mount Saint Helen's was active"

Mr. Parks said, "Now this is very important, what is going on now in these major eruptions of Steam Boat for the last 18 months is that there is no surface volcanic activity in the western United States such as Mount Saint Helens. So the question is, what is going on? Well the surprise to scientist that there is strong volcanic development activity that directly coincides with the major eruptions of Steam Boat activity over the last 18 months."

Mr. Parks said, "Yellowstone now has a bulging magma chamber that has bulged up nearly two and a half feet in the center of the caldera. If it erupts, the volcano would put an ash blanket of 16 inches thick a 125 miles in radius and 6 inches thick 300 miles away with a devastation radius of 75 miles. If you're out in this you will need some type of a mask or cloth to breathe."

Mr. Parks went on to say in so many words that our government is not sounding the alarm bells on this because they are making decisions based on current theory from outdated knowledge of which can be a detriment to decision making.

When Mr. Parks was asked if there would be an eruption soon he replied in saying there is information that is concerning, in that there has been a rapid change in the region that has never been seen before. "One of the instrumentation stations is starting to show a dramatic change from mid September into October. We should start seeing some kind of activity in the Pacific northwest part of Yellowstone within 18 to 24 months. However, with all this energy hitting us from the coronal mass ejections solar flaring may accelerate that process." said Mr. Parks via a world telecast on November 5th, 2003.

To learn more about Mr. Parks research work visit his website where he has even put his findings in writing in the form of a book available to the public:

As always, stay tuned here for breaking news before the news hits the main news channels! Worse yet, they may not even cover the story in the news until it's too late for you to prepare to get out of the area fast, 300 miles fast that is… away from Yellowstone. (Note) This may be all the warning we/you will ever get since we do not know if there will be any further warnings should Yellowstone's Super Volcano Blow.

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6) Wolf Pack at Yellowstone

from: Bennie E. LeBeau <
Sent: November 8th, 2003 (?)

Message to All Peacemakers
From: Bennie LeBeau, Eastern Shoshone, Wind River Reservation

Our Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks are calling for our prayers. Many of you understand the relationship of the energy grid lines of heaven and earth and its relationship with this next eclipse. They are like to the nervous system of your bodies and its wiring system. Earth Mother is being stressed out by bad vibrations and some of us as well. With this increasing solar activity, so it is with Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks sacred sites that are asking for help. We have come together because our hearts are responding for a change. This change is necessary for the survival of our home planet Earth, our Mother. It is time to forgive and forget and move forward into sacredness. The words that have been given in prophecy by the Hopi, they have said, "We are the people we have been waiting for."

I am Bennie LeBeau from the Eastern Shoshone Nation in Wyoming. I am also a member of the Council of The Spiritual Elders of Mother Earth. I believe many of you may remember what we are representing as Eastern Shoshone peoples in the Grand Teton and the Yellowstone National Parks. This is part of our original homelands written in our treaty as a sovereign country and that our cultural traditions would not be forgotten in order to utilize these sacred sites areas.

Since September of 1999, we have been attempting to gain permission for our most sacred ceremony the Sundance and other ceremonies to be allowed in the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone Park, along with many other Indigenous Nations of this country. The park officials and the general public are beginning to see the significance of why it is needed. Now it is most evident because of the seismic volcanic activity in and around the Grand Teton and the Yellowstone National Parks. What we have helped escalate as humans is the disturbance to the web of life on earth in these sacred site areas.

Remembering the words from the past by a powerful messenger, Chief Seattle stated,

"Whatever befalls the earth, befalls the sons of earth…
the earth does not belong to man, man belongs to the earth…
all things are connected…man did not weave the web of life;
he is merely a strand in it…whatever he does to the web, he does to himself."

On October 22, 2003 a message stated in July that the Yellowstone Park rangers closed the entire Norris Geyer Basin because of the deformation of the land and the excess temperature. There is an area there that is 28 miles long and 7 miles wide that has bulged upward over five inches since 1996. This year the ground temperature on that bulge has reached over 200 degrees. There was no choice but to close off the whole area. Everything in that area is dying. The trees, flowers, and grasses resemble a dead zone and are spreading outward.

The animals are literally migrating out of the park. This isn't hearsay. It is coming from people who have actually visited the park in the last few weeks. The later part of July, one of the park geologists discovered a huge bulge at the bottom of Yellowstone Lake. The bulge has already risen over 100 feet from the bottom of the lake. The water temperature at the surface of the bulge has reached 88 degrees and is still rising. Keep in mind that Yellowstone Lake is a high mountain lake with a very cold-water temperature.

The lake is now closed to the public. It is filled with dead fish floating everywhere. The same is true of the Yellowstone River and most of the streams in the park. Dead and dying fish are filling the water everywhere. Many picnic areas in the park have been closed and people that are visiting the park don't stay but a few hours or a day or two and leave. The stench of sulfur is so strong that they literally can't stand the smell. Yellowstone is what geologists call a "super volcano". There are massive calderas of molten fire beneath Yellowstone National Park.

Geologists are saying that every living thing within six hundred miles could be affected in devastation. It could produce an ash cloud that will cover the entire western U.S. clear to the Pacific on the west, British Columbia on the north, the Mexican border on the south, and then out into the Dakotas, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas on the east. Then the cloud could blow east because of the prevailing winds, literally covering the entire nation with volcanic ash.

I believe this to be of great importance to us at this time. The vision is to pray for balance in this area. With our prayers, songs, drums and the ways that we have been instructed in our spiritual teachings, no matter what culture you/we are, our hearts make the difference. If Yellowstone National Park seismic activity continues then we could all be affected around the earth? The reports on the seismic activity's speak for themselves. The 100 years of government management in the Yellowstone and The Grand Tetons have disallowed our most important prayers and ceremonies to exist as all indigenous tribes in this country.

It is now time for us to act as a nation/world within all countries to allow these sacred prayers and ceremonies into the National Parks of Wyoming. Joseph (Hinmaton Yalatkit) 1830-1904, Nez Perce Chief, said, "Whenever the white man treats the Indian as they treat each other, then we will have no more wars. We shall all be alike-brothers of one father and one mother, with one sky above us and one county around us, and one government for all."

Uniting our tribes of all cultures from the peaks in the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone I send a strong-hearted message to you to awaken and respond now. These sacred site areas are calling out to her caretakers all over the world. Now is the time for uniting together and working in harmony. Together our songs, our drums and our prayers speak the ancient language that exists and are remembered in the sacred pictures written on the rocks, in the sacred heartbeat of the land and in the sacred songs heard in the wind.

We can bring balance and harmony back to the land remembered by our ancestors of the past, present and future generations. Our mother is calling out to her caretakers. This is a great opportunity for prayer work in our councils and other groups helping bring the indigenous nations together and with all nations as well. Yellowstone National Park representative Rosemary Sucec has received this message. She is one of the liaison officers that relay messages to the superintendents and other agencies in the parks. She is very interested in bringing indigenous nations and others to do our work there.

This Native American perspective has been explained to groups that were from many indigenous nations and other cultures that attended the Lewis and Clark Celebration for Sacagawea's leadership role last May 2003, by others and myself. Because of the reports of Yellowstone's disturbances at this time and its significance they are NOW considering the outcome of our ancestral lands and usage in a decision by the Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks Superintendents.

Today the spirits are calling for good medicine, for us all to awaken; with many blessings for all the things we are related to in harmony and balance. We are returning to the sacredness for all living things, for the future of our Mother Earth as part of creator's creation and within the heavens sacredness, she is helping to bless us all. This is a very important time in our mother earth's history for humanities sake.

Every thing is related within and upon, what is above is below, heaven upon earth. Chief Seattle's words, "When the last Redman has vanished from the earth and the memory is only a shadow of a cloud moving across the prairie, these shores and forests will still hold the spirits of my people." We have not vanished but have been reborn to do the work our ancestors did; it is time to step into the moccasins of our ancestors with the wisdom, strength and knowledge at hand.

Thank you for your attention, and prayers.
please respond to:
Bennie E. LeBeau, Eastern Shoshone
Wind River Indian Reservation
Ft. Washakie, Wyoming
2331 Oak Lane
Riverton, Wyoming
307 857-6856 or

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7) Wolf Pack Leaves Yellowstone

From: Wolfheart/Jean Michel/Captain Lyur
Date: November 21, 2003

The wolf pack of the Yellowstone has just left the area and retreated as far back as Idaho. The same for the wildlife serving as food for the pack. Quite a strong sign. Maybe an eruption of the supervolcano of the Yellowstone would be more limited in scope — otherwise it is "nuclear winter" for all of Earth –otherwise the wolf pack may have gone further away. This is announcing the "cleaning by Mother Earth". Pretty much time for it. Prayers and focus done "Native American way" is strongly suggested this month.
Awanisgi !
Wolfheart/Jean Michel/Captain Lyur


Larry Morningstar
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