Can You Recommend Any Video Resources?

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Hi Rhio-

I have just finished reading and looking through your book, Hooked on Raw and I am SO excited about the recipes! It's a long story, and I will not go into it, but I will briefly say that I KNOW this is exactly what I have been unconsciously yearning for for years! I am a Christian homeschooling mother of 2 girls, and am looking for videos that I can use in our home for learning and teaching this lifestyle of eating to my girls. My husband is open to trying new ways of eating, however I know we will still include some cooked foods. Can you recommend any video resources? Thank you for your help.

God bless,


Dear Suzanne,

It's wonderful to hear that the simple truth of the raw diet and lifestyle has resonated within your soul. And you are so fortunate to have a husband who is "willing" to try new ways of eating.

I will be doing a video tape series in the near future. It's in the planning stages. There are some video tapes available now, however. One is a series of three videotapes by Nomi Shannon, author of The Raw Gourmet, in which she demonstrates how to prepare a wide variety of raw/live foods. It sells for $89. There's another videotape out of Jamaica by world renowned chef, Aris La Tham. It is called Sunfire Cusine. Then there's a lady who has a syndicated TV show and she sells the tapes of her shows. Her name is Elysa Markowitz. Another resource to go to is the Nature's First Law website: They have a large catalog and I'm sure have videotapes available.

I've been building the shopping mall on my website and hopefully all these videotapes and more will be available there shortly.

With blessings and peace,


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