Can You Please Shed Some Light on the “Eating for Your Blood Type” Concept?

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Dear Rhio,

Can you please shed some light on the "Eating for your Blood Type" concept? My sister and I, both of whom attended your lecture in Marietta, GA this past spring, are raw foodists. My sister is blood type O and recently had a blood profile done. She was told her blood was "horrible" and that she needed to eat meat and is endangering her health by being a vegan. On the other hand, I am type A, and seem to be doing fine.

My sister is really depressed and looking for answers. Can you help us?



Dear RR,

I am sorry to hear that your sister is not doing so well, I remember you both from our last night in Georgia – the unfortunte night that the war began.

I am not a practitioner of any kind, so please accept the following only as an exchange of ideas and information.

I do not believe in the Eating for your Blood Type Diet. On my website in the Articles section, subsection Blood Type Diet, there is a lengthy article by a doctor who is also skeptical about the validity of the diet.

For many years I did not know what my blood type was because I never go to doctors, but recently, since Leigh and I were going through L. Ron Hubbard's Purification Program, I was able to find out. While on the Purification Program, they did an array of blood tests. Prior to the knowledge that I now have, people have always told me that I am most probably a type A since it is so very easy for me to be vegetarian. Now I can respond that I am a type O positive and so is my partner, Leigh, and it is still very easy for us to be vegetarians — because that is the proper diet for our species.

What type of blood work was done on your sister? Was it regular medical blood tests or darkfield microscopy? Who did the work? Who interpreted it? What did they say was wrong with her blood and why did they attribute the problem to a vegan diet? Was she anemic? Before she had this diagnosis, was she feeling OK or was there something wrong?

I do not believe your sister's problems stem from a lack of meat. It may be that she has a lot of cleansing still to do. After years on a cooked food diet, it does take some time for the body to adjust and heal itself, but Nature will do the work if we persevere. Perhaps it might be of value for her to spend 2-3 weeks at one of the raw food institutes. I highly recommend the Ann Wigmore Institute of Puerto Rico, the Optimum Health Institute of San Diego and the Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, FL. You can get the contact information for these Institutes from the Directories section of my website.

Also, in addition to the raw foods, she could utilize other healing modalities which are useful in stimulating the body's immune system, like jumping on a mini trampoline daily (for the lymph system), daily dry body brushing with a stiff natural bristle body brush (for the lymph system), jump rope, fast walking (for the lymph), hatha yoga (for tonification of the organs, glands, breath cleansing of the lungs), colonics (cleansing of the GI), wheatgrass juice and vegetable juice fasting (cleansing of the whole body). Make sure the water ingested is pure, and 2 qts a day. Make sure to clean up the home environment of any toxic substances – check the substances used for cleaning the house, bathing, cosmetics, perfumes, vapors, molds, etc. There's an article on my site under Toxics about the pesticides in perfumes. Throw out the microwave, if any. If you can't throw it out, unplug it, because it still radiates even when turned off.

There are many other things that could be done, most of them are covered at the institutes that I mentioned.

Dr. Richard Schultz, who had a successful alternative clinic in Malibu, CA, before the governmental authorities closed him down, says that healing is a full time job. A person has to be willing to spend the time necessary to do all the things that need to be done to bring the body back into balance.

I wish you continued good health and a very special prayer for your sister.

With blessings and peace,


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