Can You Eat Potatoes and Corn Raw?

In a message dated 12/17/01 1:50:48 PM, Tasha writes:

Hi Rhio,

I'm new to raw foods and I find that your recipes help to motivate me. I have a question for you… can you eat potatoes and corn raw? I think that you can, however, my family tells me that I risk getting sick.


Dear Tasha,

Thank you for the positive feedback on my recipes.

Corn and potatoes can be eaten raw. I eat them and I do not get sick — I stay well. My whole family eats cooked food and over the years they have had many of the usual diseases that people get. I have not suffered any of these things. Unfortunately, family does not listen to me.

On page 183 of my book, I have a recipe for German Potato Salad. I enjoy it and people say it is delicious. I got one letter from someone who loved it. See "Real Letters From Real People" in the Food section.

With corn, you have to make sure that the corn is very fresh. If it is not fresh, it will taste starchy instead of sweet. Also, be aware that organic corn is the only one that has not been contaminated by GMOs (genetically modified organisms).

Corn off the Cob soup – page 192
Corn Chowder – page 200
Tex Mex Salad – page 177

With Blessings and Peace,


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