Cactus Clowns

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This is a true story and will make you laugh like crazy! (1/06 Flash: A reader informed me that this may not be a true story, but hilarious nevertheless)

In Arizona recently, a 7th grade science teacher decided that his students could have a lab project in growing cactus. Many schools because of a shortage of funds depend on donations from local businesses. There were 22 students in the science class and the teacher had to come up with 22 small planters.

There was an arts/crafts shop in town that the teacher visited and asked if there were any planters that the store could donate for a science project at school. The store owner said, "you know, I've had these clown planters for years and haven't been able to sell a one of them. I thought they would sell like crazy, but I was wrong. You can have these, there are 25 of them." The teacher was so delighted that he had managed to acquire the needed planters for his class science project in teaching the students how cactus grow and survive on little water.

The 22 students planted their cactus in the clown planters from cactus seedlings and watched as the cactus grew…grew…and grew until finally they were fully-grown.

This reminds me of little red riding hood when she said, "Oh what big teeth you have."

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