Beauty Tip: Avocado Stone Scrub

from: Tonya Zavasta, author of  Your Right To Be Beautiful: How To Halt The 
Train Of Aging & Meet The Most Beautiful You 

Using a cleansing scrub is one of the most important parts of the natural beauty regimen.

Exfoliation removes dead skin cells, which stimulates growth of new cells. It dramatically improves the texture of the skin. Depending on your skin type, exfoliation should be done as often as your skin will permit without turning red like raw meat.

It is also essential to use natural material for scrubs. I hope you eat a lot of avocados because here is an excellent use for avocado stones which, like the fruit, contain skin-softening powers.

Place the clean avocado pits is a clean plastic bag. {You could also use a brown paper bag.} Use a hammer and crush pits into small pieces. Spread the crushed pits on dehydrator sheets and dehydrate overnight at 100 degrees Fahrenheit. When dry, grind the pits into a fine powder using a coffee grinder. Place on teflex sheets again and dehydrate until completely dry.

Add the ground avocado scrub to your favorite lotion and massage into your skin to exfoliate as often as skin permits, preferably every day.

I believe exfoliating is the key to maintaining the glow you get from following the raw food diet.


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