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Dear Rio,

I'm Julie and I love your recipies, and would like to continue enjoying them.

But I have a problem. My son Jordy is one and a half years old and wants to eat what I eat or els he gets very frustrated. My dauther michelle is 5 years old . A few weeks ago I stopped gaving her bread, after Karen Knowler advised me to do so. Michelle is now a diffrent child. She now eats rice qunoa or potatos with lettuce, steamed broccoli or cucumber and some raw carrots. She also likes nori and avocado. Michelle is now learning to eat veggetables now that she stopped eating wheat.

Could you teach me how to feed Jordi and Michelle so that we can sit at the table and enjoy our meals together. You can even come to holland and stay with us for some time if you'd like that. I'm now very tired with my search for little children and toddler food and would like to get some help as soon as possible.

Hope to hear from you soon ,

Love from Julie Jordi Michelle and husband Johan.

Dear Julie:

You are doing a wonderful thing with your children by teaching them to eat Nature's foods right from the beginning. God bless you! I know it's not easy and I don't know if I have any answers for you but maybe a few suggestions.

First, if you go to website: and look in the book section under "parenting", there are a few books geared towards children and the raw diet which might be helpful to you. I have not read any of them yet, so cannot suggest one over another.

A few suggestions:

Perhaps you could start the meal with some fruit which you can eat as well as Jordi (at 1 1/2, you would have to puree the fruit for him). Fruit before the main meal is OK, so you can then move on to your main meal. By that time, hopefully, Jordi will be almost full and won't want to eat too much more. But if he wants to continue to eat, then maybe some of the creamy pate recipes would be ok for him. Like the Toona for example, but you would have to make sure that it is blended and pureed very well. Of course you don't want to eat Toona every night so there's where I draw a blank. (Make sure any of the pates are not too spicy by separating a bit for him before spicing it up.)

If you're eating something more chunky, the only way you could give it to him is by pureeing it very well. Perhaps you can show him that you have more teeth and that's why you have to puree it for him. But some dishes I think would not be appropriate for a 1 1/2 year old.

I've read in magazines such as National Geographic that some indigenous peoples – the mother's will put the food in their own mouths and chew it up first and then feed it to the child, little by little. I'm not saying you should do this, but only that I've read that it's been done. Birds do that too, they bring the worms for the babies and chew them up a little before putting it into the baby bird's mouths.

The recipes that would be appropriate for Jordi would be pureed fruit, pureed vegetables, (for example you could make the Broccoli with Chedda Sauce and then puree it., the nut yogurts, the creamy soups, the nut ice creams, the fruit sherbets.
You could also pass the pureed fruit or vegetables through a strainer.

I hope that I have been able to help a little. If you get any more information, please share it with me.

Thank you so much for your invitation. We might just come to Holland some day and so will be sure to contact you, but I know you will find some help long before that. I think it will become a lot easier when Jordy gets more teeth.

Many blessings to you and your family,


May 19, 2001

Dear Rhio,

Sorry for my late reply. My son Jordi started teething needed extra atention and that sloowed me down on the answering of my emails.I just wanted you to know that things has changed here for the better and you have been a great help.

First I looked on the website:/ as you advized me to, for books on raw parenting and found out that I had three books on my own bookshelf waiting to be read once again: Raw kids by Cheryl stoycoff, Introducing Living Foods to your Child by beth Montgomery and The Orgaic Baby & Toddler Cookbook [only the raw part as my son Jordi would not eat anything that has been cooked].

I had red Raw Kids before but now it started to live for me. With this book it was easy transitionig my dayther from eating bread. And after a juice weekend in Belgium she traded her potatoes and quinoa for fruit salads and smoothies. Now and the she would ask for some brouw rice, but since the weather has become so warm Michelle only wants fruits and nuts. So Rhio this is like heaven for me. Thank you very much for helping me to pick up and study this book again.

As for Jordi the suggestions with the fruit and the creamy pate work very well. But the greatest and most wonderfull thing that you have shared with me is the story about how the indigenous peoples and the birds would feed there babies. This was the missing part in our dinner time life. My son was trying to tell me this but I did not really untherstand it. He would put his finger into my mouth to take out the food that I had chewed on. then he would feed me lettuce and then ask for it after I had chewed on it. Now your loving story has opened my eyes . When we would eat our favourite salad of tomato cucumber grapes avocado and lettuce Jordi would eat from my bowl and he would feed me his lettuce to chew for him and this makes him feel so wonderfull. He feels great because he can eat everything that mommy can eat. And when I see his shining face I am the happiest mom in the hole whide world! Thank you very much Rhio.

Blessings and love to you,

Julie van Iterson.

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