Attracted To Raw Foods Eating Due To Health Challenges

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Hello Rhio,

I just purchased your book at my whole foods market and LOVE IT – thanks! As for many others, I have been attracted to raw foods eating due to health challenges. My first stop was to Dr Richard Schutz's programs and have been doing his "Incurables Program" with a raw foods diet. In your research, what is the thinking in the raw foods community regarding the use of herbal tinctures, teas, and Potassium Broth (which are not raw at all since heat has been used in the preparation)? Perhaps if they are kept to a minimum (less than 10-15%), they would not counteract the effect of the raw foods diet? I look forward to more information from your website soon!



Hi Anne,

Thank you for the positive word about my book. And welcome to the raw food family — strong and growing!!!

In the raw food community we all seem to agree on one premise – that raw food is the correct food for humans and other creatures, as provided by Nature.

Beyond that, there are many differences of opinion on all aspects of the raw food diet and lifestyle.

For example, there are those that say to eat fruits only. These are the fruitarians. Then there are those that focus more on sprouts and fermented foods. These are the sproutarians and the living food enthusiasts. Then there are other opinions that counter these by saying NOT to eat fermented foods, because they may be alcoholic and half rotted. Then there are those that say that herbs and spices are not food, and that if you can't make a meal of any one item then forget it altogether. This teaching would exclude the use of vanilla beans, cinnamon and garlic, among other foods. Some in the raw community advocate colonics to help the body to eliminate impacted toxic accumulations in the colon and others say colonics are unnecessary and that the body will clean itself up.

You get my point. There is never going to be a concensus on how to go about implementing the raw food diet and lifestyle. So my suggestion to you is to come to these conclusions for yourself, after you do some reading and studying. Pass all information, including what you get from my book, through the fine screen of your own innate intelligence and intuition. People, actively thinking for themselves, make better decisions than by just following the leader of the moment.

Also, once you get through the initial detoxification period (that most raw food enthusiasts go through), your own body will begin to speak to you truthfully, and it will tell you a lot of things about your own particular body and circumstances. After being on raw foods for approximately 1 year, you will be able to trust what your body says to you. To qualify this a bit — if your body tells you to go out and eat a junky food – you may follow that course – but the end result will be that you will not feel so well. This is what all long term raw food enthusiasts find out. When we slip up and eat something from the cooked camp, our body speaks by not feeling well. We don't necessarily get sick, but we don't feel well. You see, we've become accustomed to the extraordinary amount of energy that we get from our regular raw diet. Anything less makes its impact felt immediately.

Dr. Schulze's programs have helped a lot of people regain their health. In my book, I have one of Dr. Schulze's recipes on page 253. I think it is great! And right under that recipe there is one for a Wholesome Toddy. This is my version of a potassium broth.

Personally, I do believe in tea and (non-alcoholic) herbal tinctures. There are many types of herbal teas that can be made by just placing the flowers and leaves into water without heating and then just letting the bottle sit for a few hours at room temperature. You can also place this bottle in the sun, where the heat of the sun will release the properties of the herbs into the water (this is called Sun Tea). It is not necessary to place the bottle in the sun for the properties to be released, although it probably helps to release them faster. Then there are teas made of bark, twigs and other harder type herbal substances that would need some heat applied to release their properties. For these type of teas, usually recommended by an herbalist for specific conditions, I would use them on a short term basis.

I hope this information has been able to help you.

You are embarking on a great adventure and I wish you much luck and staying power through the initial phases.


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