Arkansas, First State to Add a Philosophical Exemption
to Vaccination in Twenty Years

20 Reasons Not To Take the Smallpox Vaccination
100+ Anti-Vax Info Links
AMA Opposes Mass Smallpox Vaccinations
Another Researcher Forced Out
Anthrax Vaccine Complaints on the Rise
The Anthrax Vaccine Is Dangerous
Autism & Attention Deficit Disorder in Vaccinated Children
Autistic Childen Have Abnormally High Levels of Toxins
in Their Bodies New Study Shows

Bush Admin. Wants to Waive Rules in Vaccine Manufacturing
Deadly Immunity
Dr. Oz Stands to Make Millions From Promoting Vaccines
Imprisoned For Life After Being Accused of
Shaken Baby Syndrome

Judge Backs Parents on Immunizations
Landmark Anti-Vaccination Decision in New York
Link Seen Between Autism and MMR Vaccine
Medical Board's Conflict of Interest
Model Emergency State Health Powers Act

Mystery Deaths Fuel Vaccine Anxieties
School Bells or Jail Cells?
School District Refuses Parent's Religious
Exemption From Vaccinations

State by State Exemptions for School Vaccines
Testimony For Informed Consent & Religious
or Conscientious Exemptions

Writer for NY Times Calls Questioning Vaccine Safety
Decade's Worst Idea


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