The Common Cold IS The Cure!

Living Nutrition Magazine
Volume 10 – 2001

by David Klein

We cannot cure a cold – the cold is the body’s cure for a dirty internal environment! A cold is the body’s way of cleaning itself out when it is overloaded with toxic matter and of restoring health. When we attempt to stop a cold with medicines, we add more toxins to an already toxic body.

A cold is a self-purifying process intelligently enacted by the body. When necessary, the body takes extraordinary measures to neutralize and eliminate toxins: e.g., fever, diarrhea, mucus expectoration, coughing, sneezing, rashes, suppurations. When we have a cold we can intelligently assist our body’s detoxification process by resting, sleeping and living on only water and/or juices.

Germs do not cause colds. We don’t catch colds from germs any more than flies cause garbage. The garbage in our bodies must come out. Germs (bacteria) simply serve the beneficial function of cleaning up the waste in our bodies — they are always there protecting us to the best of their ability. It is our lifestyle habits which cause the body to enact colds.

We cannot catch a cold, but we can eat toxic diets, breathe toxic air, and enervate ourselves with insufficient rest and sleep creating a toxic internal environment favorable to dis-ease, including colds. With right living we can be around people with colds and we will not catch anything…except maybe the next bus to wellville.

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