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by Jinjee

I’ve been speaking to some about overeating. I’ve been overeating too. I think I may have an eating problem. Sometimes I just don’t feel good about myself and I pig out. I think it’s just part of the human condition. We have ups and downs. In the downs we can tend towards self-destructive behavior. But we have to remember that we are loved by our Father in heaven no matter what. If we can just be with that thought until it overwhelms us, then we can feel worthy and maybe have a better chance of not being self-destructive.

The people I’ve been speaking with all find, like me, that on the raw diet this self-destructiveness is quite thwarted. You see, if you pig out on raw food, it is still bad for you, but not nearly as bad as pigging out on cooked food. It’s pretty hard to really do major damage to yourself pigging out on raw food. Some of us have also found that the longer we are raw the more it becomes impossible to fall off the wagon without getting seriously sick instantly. It’s like “instant karma” if we eat something not raw! So, for overeaters, the raw food diet is like being on the wagon, and we tend to cleave to this diet because we know it’s a matter of life and death. We know it has saved us from almost certain “self-destruction by food”.


The power of raw takes one hour. In the first hour that you choose to eat raw, you will feel the difference. You will feel that your life is on a track to great health. Try it and see if it speaks to your heart and soul!

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