Proof of Raw Immunity

Raw Inspiration – 12/28/03 – Raw Immunity!


From my friend Veronika:

Sometimes you get good feedback. And, that’s what 2 of our raw-fooders got this week. Winnie Comstock-Carlson, raw for 5 months, and Mark Blackburn, raw for 5 years were tested with about 15 others at the offices of Comstock’s Business Magazines <> in Sacramento for their level of antioxidants, an approximation of the strength of one’s immune system. Dan Brooks, an independent distributor for Pharmanex, explained that the following scores had the following meanings:

Below 20 Danger

20s Caution

30s Good

40+ Excellent

I was frankly apprehensive as I saw others get scores like 10, 14, 17, 20, 22, and 25. After approximately 15 individuals were tested, the highest score achieved was a 35. Then, our raw fooders took their turn. Winnie got an outstanding 53, and Mark an impressive 82! Do raw foods have a place in increasing your anti-oxidants, and, in turn, your immune system strength? The tests conducted on Wednesday seem to suggest it.

We may try to have Dan Brooks come to one of our potlucks and offer these scans. Read more about this test here <>. Dan can be contacted at 916-308-6339.


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