LifeFood Nutrition Defined



Fresh raw fruits and vegetables, organic in season and ripe; sprouted seeds, nuts, and legumes along with some fermented foods that are properly combined for easy digestion. LifeFOOD has a life force that can be measured. LifeFOOD is always raw, always alive, and also contains a life force that means that there are minerals and other components to the food that our body can easily digest, assimilate and utilize. LifeFOOD is wild food, which is found growing wild in nature or with some semblance of itself found growing outside of the farmer’s fence. LifeFOOD is vegetarian, and mainly vegan, congruent with the philosophy that our food choices promote a sustainable future on our planet.

LifeFOOD is food that has its life force. Other food, food that is cooked, de-natured, flesh foods, and many other presently eaten foods, are missing life force. What then is LifeFOOD? And what is life force? Life force is a mysterious and illusive property. It can be measured because it can cause things to move, it can reproduce itself, it can repair itself and it can be seen to produce various effects. For example, an orange, photographed with Kirlean field photography, reveals electromagnetic lightning storm pattern within and around the orange. This is the life force of the orange made visible by Kirlean field photography. Kirlean field photography photographs the aura, or life force, of any living thing. It photographs the light that the life force is.

As a food possesses this life force full-color spectrum rich in hues of every conceivable shape and pattern show up in crystallography and chromium spectrum analysis. Cooked food lacks this life force. Starchy hybridized vegetables posses a much lower vibration than the radiance of a vegetable grown in the wild.

Life force is an electric element that whilst an animal is alive there is a force that fluctuates between the nerve and the blood of the animal. When the animal is dead this force is no longer present. Yet, in vegetation the suns light force remains within it after it has been harvested. When the animals blood and plasma drained out, this life force was vitally lost from the carcass that remained. A plant, however, possesses this property within each cell of itself. Each cell of the plant stores the energy of the sun within it and vegetation, some semblance of which can be found growing wild in nature, demonstrates this radiant, illusive life force.

From the terrain of ourselves, which is the base ground substance that DNA is built from, there is a proteinacious substance that is smaller, even a thousand times smaller than any present known virus, that cause an assemblage of matter from a process called nucleation. This is a process that is the building of life below the level of a cell. This base ground substance, awash in the saline fluid of our cells, needs to be maintained at a proper acid/alkaline balance. We further need to maintain our antioxidant ability and the amplitude of electricity, which is the strength of the current, inside our body. LifeFOOD is food that gives us spare electrons. Cooked, dead foods and raw food that cannot be found growing outside of the farmers fence line, cost us electrons and this is the process of aging. You should be rightfully suspicious and wary about these foods if you are interested in living a long life.

We believe that the root of all dis-ease is toxicity and enervation (low amplitude of electrics in the body). Detoxify the body and bring back the electrics through LifeFOOD nutrition and symptoms will alleviate and vitality be restored. Of course, there are many other factors to a long and healthy life: fresh air and sunshine, both cardiovascular and anaerobic exercise, enjoyment of music, a sense of usefulness to one’s community, a connection to family and a sense of good companionship along with a loving spiritual ethic, are important elements to a healthy life. The road to vitality is paved with the daily actions of the individual. What have you done today that will add an extra day to your life?

A house is a good metaphor for the body. If you were going to build a house how long would you want to build it to last for? 50 years? 100 years? 200 years? To build a house to last for several centuries you’d be smart and use high quality materials, you’d make the foundation solid and consider variables such as hygiene of the interior, plumbing, the ventilation system, septic tank and so on. You’d put a bit of thought into what you create because this is where you live babe.

It is said that we nearly rebuild the entire body each year. Every cell in the blood, bones, brain and tissue is completely regenerated and new cells replace the old ones. Some tissue, however, is turned over at a much faster rate. The liver (hottest organ of the body at 106 degrees F) for example, is said to be regenerated every 3 weeks or so. In fact, if I met you six weeks ago and we got together again today, there wouldn’t be a single cell on your face that was there before. Every cell is new and freshly regenerated. LifeFood, enzyme-rich foods, can be completely used by the body. We can take apart that avocado and find a rich source of building materials to make blood, bone, brain and tissue. The enzymes in that raw avocado will allow it to literally digest itself.

A cooked food diet, deplete of enzymes, is like trying to construct a house out of soggy cardboard. In fact many people who pass away today prematurely die of a leaky gut. The tissue is weak and thin and the gut ruptures and its contents leak into the abdominal cavity. They often label the cause of death as heart failure, which is true, however a leaky gut probably initiated it. Also a major factor in premature death and disease is malnutrition. However, in the hospital malnutrition is rarely listed as the cause of death. Notably the junk food that is foisted upon the hospital patient is tragic. Those who are nutritionally sound upon entering a hospital usually show signs of malnutrition and poor blood within two weeks on the hospital diet of Jell-O, canned meat, canned vegetables and reconstituted potato flakes from a box. New York City hospitals outwardly display their nutritional ignorance by the recent trend to replace hospital cafeterias with Burger King and McDonalds. Sick colon cancer patients must ride hospital elevators with hospital staff, visitors, and other patients holding smelly, steaming bags of greasy fries and burgers while they slurp up sugar beverages that have an acidity of 2.4 pH!

Many people put more energy into the maintenance of their cars than they do for themselves. It is good to adopt purification rituals such as these for self. You can ask yourself, “What have I consumed today that will build blood, bones, brains and tissue? Have I taken myself out for a spin lately? What have I done to honor the spiritual aspect of self? Have I had an interesting intellectual conversation about some heart felt issue? Have I enjoyed music today? Have I enjoyed a sensual moment? These are all aspects of longevity. What have you done today to add another day to your life?



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