Confessions of a Closet Raw Foodist

Confessions of a Closet Raw Foodist
by Storm

When I first became a Raw Foodist in 1972 the first thing that I noticed was that every time I told someone about my diet then 80% of the ensuing conversation would be about food. Mainly it was me trying to defend myself and my diet. So after a while I became very good at hiding the fact that I ate raw food. When eating at restaurants with friends I would order the same things that they did but with a salad and then I would eat the salad and just move the other food around on my plate with a fork. And unless you were watching really closely then you would not even notice that I hadn’t really taken a bite. I had hundreds of tricks like this that allowed me to exist in a normal society and eat only raw food.

I think that one of the hardest parts of this diet is that it changes all of your relationships with people, sometimes for the better and sometimes not. Most people get defensive when you become a raw foodist. They feel that they are under personal attack. And at the same I found myself become aloof. So I have found that it is very important how you present the fact that you have made a huge change in your diet if you don’t want to be talking about food 80% of the time. Plus I found that one of the main things that helps me stay on the path is not thinking about food at all. Now, we’re off to Ojai to talk about food for a month! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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