Raw/Live Food Concepts & Info

A Boxers Experience of Raw
Acid & Alkaline Foods
Alkalinity, Oxygen & Acid & Alkaline Foods!
Antioxidant Status in Raw Foodists
Before & After Pictures of People Who Have Gone Raw
Cancer Risk Found in French Fries, Bread {but not in the raw foods from which these products are made}
Cleansing Reactions and Healing Crises – What Are They?
The Common Cold IS The Cure!
Competitive Exclusion
Confessions of a Closet Raw Foodist
Criticisms, Disagreements, Controversies & Rebuttals
The Cure of Advanced Cancer by Diet Therapy
Demi Goes Full Throttle for Raw Rejuvenation
The Ecological Wisdom of Enjoying Raw Foods
Enzymes: The Difference Between Raw & Cooked Foods
Experts Dispute Raw-Food Diet Benefits
First International Raw Lifestyle Film Festival
Go Raw – Switch to a Raw Foods Diet
Going Ape
Health & Raw Food Diet According to Walter Last
How Far Has Natural Hygiene Strayed from Raw Food Concepts?
How Raw Food Eating Can Regenerate the Earth
If Slow-Cooking Can Protect Diabetics, What Can No Cooking Do?
Is Modern Medicine Founded on Error?
Kefir Grains – A Probiotic Jewel
Leukocytosis and Cooked Food
LifeFood Nutrition Defined
Live-Food According to Ayurveda
Living Foods: Fad or Lifestyle?
More Raw/Live Food Articles on another website
The Nature of Symptoms
Nomi Shannon on the Benefits of Adopting a Raw Foods Lifestyle
Overeating After a Fast & As a Continuous Lifestyle
Paleolithic Raw Diet
pH of the Human Body is Critical for Health
Proof of Raw Immunity
Raw Broccoli, Cabbage Slash Bladder Cancer Risk by 40 Percent; Cooking Destroys Benefits
Raw Food Guru David Wolfe Explores the Healing Energy of Living Foods
Raw Food Leaders Meet to Discuss Parameters for Creating Optimum Health
Raw Food Myth or Magic
Raw Food – One of Your Keys to Outstanding Health
Raw Food Studies
Raw Food Vegans Thin But Healthy, Study Finds
Raw Overeaters Anonymous
Raw Food Testimonials
Rejuvenation & the Protein Revolution in your Kitchen
Sprouting Sustainability: The Raw Food Diet
A Teenager Discovers the Raw Lifestyle
Toxins in Heated Foods
Why All Should Eat Only Raw Foods Always
Why Enzymes?
Why Joel Fuhrman, M.D., Believes in a High Raw Plant-Based Diet
Why Not All Raw?
Why Raw?
Why Switch To a Living Foods Diet
You Want Studies!

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