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Starting in September 2009 I will be going to a Blog format
July 2009
1) Quotation
2) With Blessings of Peace to the
King of Pop, Michael Jackson
3) This is my last Hotline, I am moving to a Blog format
4) Critical bills before Congress right now will decide the
future of our food, and the future of organic farming
and could even impact your own home garden.
5) My first DVD What’s NOT Cookin’ in Rhio’s
Kitchen Volume 1 is now available
6) GE talks and classes on raw food prep and theory
7) My Interview with Gail Murphy of the Coop & Food Exchange of Altadena, CA
8) Feedback

January 2009
1) My New Year’s Resolution: Stop and Hear the Music
2) In Search of Raw Almonds
3) FIFTY (50) free gifts for the price of one book,
The Live Food Factor – limited time offer
4) Some Studies from The Live Food Factor
5) This is what happens when you start ’em young!
6) Feedback

July 2008
Seven Wonders of the World
Two excellent video clips + yours truly making Nut Yogurt
Are You Going to Do Your Part to Keep Raw Food Raw?
Upcoming Events
Introduction to the Health Liberties Network
Feedback & 80/10/10

August 2007
1) Quotes
2) Slow Food Movement
3) Once Upon a Time there was a raw cashew
that wasn’t, Now there may be a raw almond that isn’t…
4) The Amazing Raw Summit
5) Feedback from Jinjee Talifero and Shannon
Leone on First Raw Lifestyle Film Festival
6) Upcoming Guests on Hooked on Raw Internet
Radio Show
7) Feedback

March 2007
1) Quotes by Abraham
2) Two food related film festival
3) Oprah’s Leadership Academy
opens in a firestorm of criticism
4) Oprah presents”The Secret”
5) Upcoming guests on my Hooked on Raw Show
6) Part 4- Fruitarian and 80/10/10 Diets
A conversation with Justin Leila
7) Feedback
January 2007
1) “Great moments often catch us unaware”
2) Heartfelt appreciation for all contributions
3) An exploration of the importance of internet radio
4) Upcoming guests on my Hooked on Raw Show
5) Pending approval of milk and meat from cloned
animals to enter the human food supply.
6) Two movies of value – The Secret and Loose Change.
7) Peace activist, Sunsara Taylor, duels it out
with Bill O’Reilly
8) Part 3 – Fruitarian and 80/10/10 Diets
a) Chase responds to Lennie (about 80/10/10 Diet)
b) A conversation with Gary O about fruitarian diets

November 2006
1) Come to the FUNdraiser for TribecaRadio.net
News Flash: New York News 1 (TV) did a story on Tribeca Radio
2) Most Frequently Asked Question About the Raw Food Diet
3) Some Encouraging News About rBGH
4) Masai Barefoot Technology (MBT)
5) Mediterranean Loaf
6) Next Month: A Continuation of our Discussion of the
Fruitarian and 80/10/10 Diet (Part 3)

May 2006
1) TribecaRadio.net gets off to a good start
2) Rhio responds to Frederic Patenaude’s evaluation
of the Master Cleanser Program
3) Fruitarian Diet and 80/10/10 Fruitarian Diet – Part 2
Feedback from Readers

January 2006
1) A prayer for the New Year
2) Rhio and Leigh launch internet radio station:
3) Fruitarian Diet and 80/10/10 Fruitarian Diet – Part 1
November 2005
1) What happened to your Hotline?
2) New Weekly Internet Radio Show
3) The Andressohn Family Story
4) Rhio responds to letters about the
Andressohn Family
5) The Raw Vegan Movement on Trial
6) Feedback from Readers
7) Decision
8) A Family Tragedy: A Different View plus
links to other newspaper articles

January 2005
1) Prayer for the New Year
2) Pale Male and Lola, the magnificent red-tailed
hawks of New York City
3) Other Inspiring News
4) Feedback from Readers
November 2004
Heroic Stories September 2004
1) Two documentaries worth seeing
2) Two interesting and informative websites
with corresponding newsletters
3) Frederic Patenaude’s controversial interview
with Nazariah of the Essene Church WITH
commentaries from Jinjee and Rhio
4) Feedback from Readers

July 2004
1) Some documentaries worth seeing
2)Thoughts on the Life of Mattie J.T. Stepanek
3) Some Poems by Mattie J.T. Stepanek

January 2004
1) The Essence of Love
2) Plant a Row for the Hungry
3) “Whatever Happened to Peace on Earth”, a new song by Willie Nelson
June 2003
1) Revealing quote
2) Dr. Daniel’s license to practice medicine in
NYS is reinstated
3) Purification Program
4) Mother looking for breast milk for
adopted baby
5) The Problem with New Voting Machines –
They don’t have paper trails – no way to verify
or check the vote.

May 2003
1) Rhio’s response to someone who thinks that campaigning against genetically engineered food is the wrong battle to fight
2) Some notes on our trip South
February 2003
1) Matt’s Kidney Failure
2) Rhio and Leigh’s experience with the
friend of a relative
3) Update on Dr. Rebecca Carley (Dr. Carley
specializes in reversing autism in children and
is in danger of losing her license.)
4) Letter to AARP from Dr. Lorraine Day
(Dr. Lorraine Day healed her own life-threatening
breast cancer utilizing Natural Methods. In
January, she was designated to be a quack
doctor by the AARP)

December 2002
Only a Man
November 2002
1) Fundraiser for Ann Wigmore Institute
2) GE take action at supermarkets
3) Acrylamide in cooked food – The Glyphosphate Connection
4) How cruciferous vegetables help break down carcinogens

October 2002
Political Activism
September 2002
1) Raw food test subjects needed
2) Dr. Rebecca Carley is being investigated
by the NYS Office of Professional Medical Conduct
3) Dennis Kucinich, Rep. from Ohio, introduces
bills to regulate GE foods

June 2002
1) Wage Peace, a poem by Judyth Hill
2) Acrylamide, a potent nerve toxin and carcinogen present in cooked carbohydrate foods, but not in raw counterparts
3) National Day of Action Against GE Foods in Supermarkets
4) Moratorium on death penalty
March 2002
1) Model Emergency State Health Powers Act –
forced vaccination
2) Positive results of citizen activism
January 2002
1) New Year’s Resolution
2) Petition to TV Food Network for raw food show
3) Coconut Butter by Omega Nutrition is not raw
5) Bush asked FDA to suspend testing and labeling of vaccines
6) Respected journalist, Bill Moyers, has weekly show on PBS

November 2001
1) Focused activism garners success
2) Fast Track
3) Empowering modalities to overcome
general feeling of confusion, fear and
hysteria seizing country

October 2001
1) Report on Portland Raw Foods Festival
2) Beware of cold-storage vegetables
3) Howard Lyman talks about the human equivalent to Mad Cow Disease
4) Prayers for Peace
5) To curtail freedom in order to preserve freedom is ludicrous
6) Ron Diamond’s recovery from 4th stage bone cancer

September 2001
1) Comments on 9/11
2) Victoria Boutenko
3) Documentary: Life and Debt
Book: If the Gods Had Meant Us to Vote,
They Would Have Given us Candidates
June 2001
1) Visit to Atlanta’s thriving raw food community
2) Percy Schmeiser, a Canadian farmer’s land was contaminated with GE pollen and he’s forced to pay Monsanto
3) Earth on the Edge
4) Clean Smokestacks Act

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