Medical Mistakes, Fraud & Deception


Alexander Horwin's Story
AMA Admits Decades of Discrimination Against Black Doctors
Another Wacky Illustration of How Conventional Medicine Thinks
Are we Treating Cancer, but Killing the Patient?
Calcium Channel Blockers Increase Risk
of Myocardial Infarction by 60%

Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs and Cancer
Cholesterol-Lowering Drug Causes 31 Deaths
CNN's Sanjay Gupta, Laura Bush and the Marketing of
Merck's Gardasil

Death from Ritalin: A Father's Story
Deaths Halt Diabetes Study
Depo Provera Horror Stories
Drug Reactions & Drug Adverse Side Effects Forum
Drugmaker Rebuffed Call to Monitor Accutane Users
The FDA Exposed: An Interview with the Vioxx Whistleblower
The FDA, Vioxx, and Crimes Against Humanity
Futile Care Theory & Medical Fascism
Great Moments in the History of Medicine
HRT No Longer Recommended For Heart Disease
Hundreds of NIH Scientists Accept Drug Companies' Money
If the Auto Industry Operated Like Big Pharma:
Fifteen Things You Might Notice

Mainstream Media Lies About Vitamin D Deficiency & Parkinson's with Deceptive Headlines
Migraine Medication, Sumatriptan Causes Blood
to Turn Green

9 of The Recent School Shooters Were Taking
Psychiatry's Violence Inducing Drugs

Omaha Shooter Robert Hawkins Had Been "Treated"
For ADHD, Depression

Painkiller Patch Fentanyl May Have Killed
3,500 People, Warns FDA

Patrick Swayze Dead at 57 After Chemotherapy
for Pancreatic Cancer

QuackPot Watch
The Science of Deceit
Scientists Take Money for Papers Ghostwritten
by Drug Companies

Texas Authorities Arrest Parents,
Kidnap their Teenage Daughter,
and Force Her Through Chemotherapy Against Her Will

Tamoxifen – A Major Medical Mistake?
Top Medical Journal Eases Ethics Policy
How Drug Company $$$ Influence Medical Opinion

The Truth About Genetically Engineered Insulin
Tylenol Warning (Acetaminophen)
Tyranny in the USA: The True History of FDA Raids on
Healers, Vitamin Shops & Supplement Companies

Welcome to the Town of Allopath
What They Won't Tell You About Post-Traumatic
Stress Disorder

Why Do Americans Have Such Poor Health?

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