City Takes Son From Pee-Brained Food Nut

The New York Post


February 5, 2007 — The baby son of a urine-drinking East Village health guru to the stars has been taken from his father’s care because the dad failed to bring the boy to a doctor for a fractured ankle.

Instead, David Jubb treated the 20-month-old’s fractures by crafting a brace out of chopsticks.

“He did not follow [Administration for Children’s Services] instructions to bring the child to the doctor,” said a Family Court source. Jubb, who said his devotees include Liv Tyler, Carol Alt and Donna Karan, insists he’s being railroaded by the ACS because of his unorthodox views on nutrition.

And his “diet” is indeed different.

Besides drinking his own urine, the Australian native claims he gave up food for years and existed on mostly air and light while practicing “breatharianism,” a kooky movement that’s considered a hoax by the scientific community.

Jubb is the first to admit, “I’m not your average ham sandwich.”

It all began when Jubb, who had full custody, took his son, Dakota, for a supervised visit with his mother, Jennifer Jarosik, at the ACS. They met there because Jubb has a restraining order against her.

During the Jan. 8 visit, authorities noticed Dakota’s swollen ankle. They removed him into foster care two days later, when Jubb still had not brought him in for treatment.

A week after that, the boy was handed over to his mother temporarily, the source said.

“His mother is very unbalanced,” Jubb said.

She could not be reached for comment.

Jubb, who has a doctorate degree in nutrition, said he didn’t take the baby to the doctor because he planned on observing him.

Mary Ann LoFrumento, a pediatrician contacted by The Post, said those type of fractures can look harmless to the naked eye because there might not be much swelling.

“He could’ve been fooled into thinking it wasn’t that serious,” she said.

Jubb said things also got testy when ACS officials began questioning him about the tot’s diet.

“They were saying, ‘You’re not feeding him,’ ” Jubb recalled.

He is raising the boy as a “lifefoodarian,” which means he doesn’t feed him meat, dairy, wheat, certain starches, cooked foods and many conventional proteins.


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