Review by Joey Galina, age 14


Reviewed by Joey Galina, age 14

* In this review, as in Hooked on Raw, the words raw and living are interchangeable when used in reference to foods.

Hooked on Raw, by Rhio, is an informative inspiring look at the raw food lifestyle. This book offers extensive knowledge of anything and everything having to do with a raw diet, including nutrition, fasting, sprouting, recipes, and scientific studies that give reasons for adopting a raw vegan diet. There are three sections of Hooked on Raw.

Part 1 is about the whys of not only raw foods, but also the whys of vegetarianism. It provides evidence that aging may not be inevitable and that implementing the raw lifestyle is not as hard as it sounds. Although this may seem a bit outlandish, it gives much nutritional advice about how to live even more healthfully by eating living foods. Supplements are discussed at length, as is fasting. Surprisingly, there are many benefits of fasting that I never knew. The dangers of irradiated and genetically modified foods are also talked about a lot. Organic produce is better for you; higher nutrient content and better taste mean there is no argument between chemically grown and organic foods, states Rhio. In the first section of this book you also learn how to heal yourself using living foods. Chronic diseases, fatigue, restlessness, among other illnesses and problems of the mind and body can be cured using living foods.

Part 2 is about how to prepare living foods. Preparation is not necessary to enjoy eating most raw foods. Also, part two tells us how to sprout seeds. Sprouting is the method used in preparing nuts and seeds to make them appropriate for consumption by a raw foodist. The list of kitchen equipment is extensive, yet manageable. Some of the things listed are juicers, dehydrators, cheese (sprout) bags, cabbecs (a type of cutting instrument), garlic presses, salad shooters/spinners, etc. Food combining, its methodology and use, is talked about, as well as “Rhio’s Parameters for Optimum Digestion.” Rhio gives answers to a lot of the questions you might have while eating a raw diet; things such as why raw food might not fill you up, why food is tied to life experiences, and how to stop emotional overeating.

Part 3 is all recipes. These are amazing recipes for every occasion. I haven’t had a chance to try many but there are a few wonderfully tasty recipes I would like to share with you. The Pear Fruit Roll was excellent; so were the “Rejuvelac” and “Leigh’s Lentil Salad.” Some of the ingredients are pretty hard to find, but a lot of things are great by themselves.

Hooked on Raw was one of the best books I have ever read (or probably ever will read). All of the information offered was useful. If you have ever wondered why someone eats a raw diet or if you are looking into a natural lifestyle, read Hooked on Raw. Life changing, inspiring, wonderful – all of these words could be used to describe this book. If you want a healthy mind, body, and spirit, read Hooked on Raw and then pass it on to everyone you care about. It will probably change your life and theirs.

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