Eve Bienenfeld, Capital News Service, NY

From: Capital News Service, NY
by: Eve Bienenfeld
March 2009

Hooked on Raw by Rhio contains 358 pages full of all kinds of information to embrace a raw/live food lifestyle. More than half the book is devoted to delicious, gourmet recipes from main course dishes, salads, dressings, side dishes, sauces, spreads, dehydrating treats, desserts, sample menus and more. Amazing recipes for all occasions. Rhio relates that she called numerous food suppliers to research whether their food was truly raw.

The rest of the book covers many health related issues, such as wild foods and organic foods in our diet, soil fertility, food irradiation, genetic engineering of seeds/plants, hybridization of seeds, fasting, rejuvenation, kitchen essentials and much more.

This book is a life changing experience. Rhio discusses questions such as how food is tied to life experience, how to stop emotional eating and more.

If you are searching for a healthy, mind, body and spirit, read Hooked on Raw and pass it on to everyone you care about. The best book on the raw lifestyle.

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