Endorsements for Hooked on Raw

Hooked on Raw is a can’t-go-wrong approach to getting in tune with your body and Nature. It’s a gift for surviving in the 21st century.

—Harvey Diamond, author of Fit For Life

Hooked on Raw
shares a delightful, integrated wisdom about raw foods and living the raw lifestyle. Rhio does an excellent job in giving the reader enough information and inspiration to make thoughtful, sensitive decisions on how to eat in the most healthy way. I recommend this book to my clients and students at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center.

—Gabriel Cousens, M.D. Director, Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center
Author of Conscious Eating, and Spiritual Nutrition and the Rainbow Diet

When I was thinking of trying a raw diet, I first read Hooked on Raw. It was the best thing I could have ever done. It was informative, well-written and packed with just what I needed to treat my body to a feast of nutrition. If you love life, I recommend Hooked on Raw as mandatory reading.

—Howard F. Lyman, Pres. EarthSave International
Author of Mad Cowboy

Leonardo Da Vinci once said, “Vitality and Beauty are gifts of Nature for those who live according to its Laws.”

Hooked on Raw is a wonderful and extremely informative book that is a true inspiration for a healthy lifestyle in balance with the eternal Laws of Nature. In this enjoyable book, Rhio shares her personal experience and presents useful information on the subject of the raw food lifestyle. Hooked on Raw will increase health consciousness and will enable the reader to make personal decisions on how to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle and to experience balance of body, mind, and soul.

I recommend this book to my friends and patients, and to everyone with the passion for unlimited health.

—Eleanor Wolf, MD — N.Y.C.

Hooked on Raw
opens the door to a lifestyle that follows Nature’s laws to produce vibrant health and a newly awakened state of consciousness. The time, research, openness, and dedication that Rhio has put into this book is a great gift that inspires and empowers all who read it.

—Leola A. Brooks, and Lalita Salas
The Ann Wigmore Institute, Inc. of Puerto Rico

Rhio’s book puts forth the same message that I impart to my patients. It’s great to know the universal intelligence has us all on the same wavelength, if only we just tune in.

—Joel Popson, MD — N.Y.C.

I am truly impressed with Hooked on Raw by the raw-foods rising star, Rhio. Here we have a well-researched and documented work that is fun, informative and yummy. Although our points of view may differ on some issues, I applaud Rhio’s talent, imagination and dedication to the raw-foods movement. Bravo!!

—Mark Solomon, Ph.D., Pres.,
Vibrant Health Centers Worldwide

Rhio is a shining example of what each and every one of us are capable of. Enjoy this writing and become well.

—Brian Clement, Hippocrates Health Institute

I can enthusiastically recommend Hooked on Raw to my patients and students as a further step towards getting in touch with nature, and towards experiencing vibrant good health and well-being. I have been in long-time agreement with, and have used many of the concepts that Rhio advocates; e.g. vegetarianism, the teachings of Natural Hygiene, and the idea that all diseases stem from autointoxication. I also embrace the book’s anti-aging philosophy. The few areas where I don’t totally concur hardly matter; since reading Rhio’s book, in fact, I’m even reconsidering some of those. Her Source Index is invaluable too, and I can’t wait to try some of the mouth-watering recipes. This book is an impressive labor of love!

—Phyllis-Terri Gold, Ph.D., NCC.
Board Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor and Psychologist.
Founder/Director of Mindworks Center for The Self

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