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on Rhio’s Book, Hooked on Raw 

Great Choice, August 3, 2006
Reviewer: star1919 (Denver, CO) 

This is a wonderful raw book… lots of recipes and they taste great! If you’re into raw… you’ll like it. If you haven’t tried it… you will be amazed how great you feel eating this way… and how good you look!
very wonderful book , highly, highly recommend it,
October 24, 2002
Reviewer: Doris Steckel from Pennsylvania, United States 

This collection of Love in recipe form is THE one book that I use all the time for “everyday” Raw Foods meal prep.

One recipe that I know by heart now is the “Toona” spread for a “gardenburger-type” spread on cucumbers or crackers or as a side for a salad. In fact, dehydrated this spread itself makes the tastiest crackers.

Rhio’s book is delightful and the recipes taste great. There is a lot more information in addition to just recipies too.

What more is there to say?

Ah, one more thing. Sergie and Valya Boutenko have just also released a recipe book that I have yet to see. I am looking forward to that one too.

Whatever you decide, any Raw Recipe Book is better than none. They all have something new and fresh to offer.

Take care, eat well.
August 10, 2002
Reviewer: A reader from Rockville, MD, United States

This is my favorite live foods recipe book. It’s a great book for people new to raw foods and those of us who’ve been traveling this path (or trying to) for some time. I use it as both a reference and a recipe book. “Hooked on Raw,” Nomi Shannon’s “Raw Gourmet,” and Frederic Patenaude’s “The Sunfood Cuisine” are the three best out there (see below). I have most of the major raw foods recipe books, and I rarely open any but these three anymore. Mostly I eat simple fruits and prepare soups or salads, but these books are perfect for company meals and pot luck suppers…and the occasional elaborate meal.

Rhio talks about several transitions to raw foods, including her own, as well as presents different sides of many of the controversies within the raw foods movement — all without being dogmatic. Her premise is that we all must choose what is right for ourselves based on our own educated opinions and knowledge of our bodies.

After presenting background, the book then goes into discussions about sprouting and food prep equipment.

This book is unusual in that most of the recipes are for main courses. This has been lacking in raw foods books until now. But Rhio also provides salad/dressing, soup/sauce, and dessert recipes, as well as some “unusual food info” and recipes for cosmetics. There is also a small section of pictures. I only wish there were a better index: the only recipe index is by Rhio’s recipe name, not by main ingredient or common name. Still, the best book out there.

Other great ones are: Nomi Shannon’s “Raw Gourmet” (lots of salads/soups/dressings and good info for new and seasoned raw foodists) and Frederic Patenaude’s “The Sunfood Cuisine,” although it reads like a continuous, annoying ad for Nature’s First Law products. Cherie Soria’s “Angel Foods” is wonderful, too, although there are lots of cooked recipes in there along with the raw ones and it’s sometimes hard for a new raw foodist to tell which is which. Juliano’s “Raw” is unique, creative, and interesting but far too rich and overdone for every day…maybe even for special occasions without some tone-down (or reduced nuts/seeds/oils/sweeteners).

If you’re looking for excellent information on transitioning to live foods (with a few recipes), sticking with it, and/or getting healthier in mind/body/spirit, I highly recommend Paul Nison’s books. They are outstanding for all who are interested in raw foods in any way, as is Gabriel Cousens’ “Conscious Eating” for raw food/general vegetarian diet/spirituality/health information.

Amazing book
December 12, 2001
Reviewer: A reader from United States

This book is packed with great info. It contains information on a variety of topics concerning the raw food diet and our food supply. It’s an easy read and highly informational. More than half of the book is dedicated to recipes and food preparation such as sprouting, making seed and nut milks, dehydration, etc. There is also a listing of restaurants, stores and suppliers where you can find products. This is my favorite raw food publication to date. Eat Raw and live longer, stronger, and smarter!
Great Recipes
June 4, 2001
Reviewer: Ammachan from MD

This is a really great addition to any raw fooders library and an essential for the beginner. It really gives some wonderful and easy recipes that don’t all require expensive kitchen gadgets to make. The marinated greens are the bomb!

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